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This is a bizarre step for the franchise, but today Ubisoft announced Anno 2070, the latest iteration in the strategy franchise Anno, which has always focused on historical settings. Set for release on PC this winter, they released these screenshots:

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The game is set to include:  

A new era: while adhering to the fundamentals that made the Anno franchise a success, the near-future setting will bring numerous new gameplay mechanics, architectural breakthroughs, and all new challenges. Additionally, players will be able to build massive cities, the scope of which has never been seen in prior Anno games. 

A dynamic world: the world of Anno 2070 will evolve differently depending on each player's playing style and choices. Players' decisions will have an impact on the environment, the architectural look of their world, and the needs of their populations, leading them to refine and better understand the impact of their personal approaches to managing the world's resources.

Factions: players will be able to select between two factions when building their empires. Players can choose between an industrial and efficient course by joining the Tycoons or a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly direction by siding with the Ecos. 

Single player campaign: a story-driven single player mode with a deep variety of challenges.

Single player "continuous mode": the renowned endless game mode where the objective is to build the biggest civilization possible without time constraints.

Multiplayer and Online features: Anno 2070 will include innovative online modes offering players brand new possibilities to get in touch with gamers all around the world.

Outstanding graphics: A new version of the game engine, developed specifically by Related Designs for Anno 2070, allows the game to deliver a breathtaking visual experience never before seen in the Anno franchise  

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I only briefly played Anno 1404, but I enjoyed what I played of it. The city building aspects in particular seemed cool. It was kinda reminiscent of the Sierra city building games of the late 90's/early 00's like Caesar 3. I meant to play it more, but never got around to it.  And while taking that into a futuristic setting is a is definitely unexpected, it seems cool to me. But maybe fans of the series would think differently. Bold new directions have definitely upset fans of other franchises, I wouldn't be surprised to see people outraged at this.     
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This looks kinda cool from an art perspective at least. Only played extremely little of 1404 but I might try it out if it turns out well.

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I really love the Anno series, I was very excited to see this announcement. 
Hopefully it includes multiplayer from the get go though, it was the only thing that let 1404 down.

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I love the Anno series, this should be amazing.

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Totally into it.  Love how Anno plays and this is an interesting choice.

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Well, it's certainly an interesting direction they're going in. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Even though I hate Ubisoft for several personal reasons, they sold one copy here. I tried playing the 1404, or what ever number it was called, game a while ago and I did enjoy it, but I just don't care for the muskets and bayonets time period so I kind of lost interest in it fast. That time period has just never done anything for me, but I do love me some sci-fi. I just wish they took it to the next step and went to space. Still going to keep my eyes on this though. 

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ohh shiny!

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I enjoyed Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery, so I'm hoping 2070 delivers the same grade of entertainment for the PC market. While I won't be able to play it because I can already confirm I couldn't run it, I still think it looks like it could be an amazing game to play.

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I haven't heard of the Anno series before... 
**looks it up** 

Oh, it's called Dawn of Discovery in the US. Ok then, I've briefly heard of that game. 
**watches gameplay video for Dawn of Discovery**  


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great series and i think this is a perfect direction for the series to go in, day one for me
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wow, I am surprised. This strangely seems to fit really well, too.

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Any Anno is a good Anno I say. Also, holy shit new graphics engine? Its predecessors are already some of the prettiest games around, I might just wet my pants at the sight of this one. 

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I love anno and I am pretty excited about this announcement, it was time to try something new I think and this looks really refreshing.

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Not interested in strategy games, but thanks, added to the 2011 releases thread !

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That looks awesome! I only played a little of Dawn of Discovery but really liked it. Maybe this will be the one to get me into the series. 

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#19 Posted by Tordah (2584 posts) -

Never played any Anno games, but that's some sharp looking screenshots.

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I've played many, many hours of both 1404 and 1701 and I'm incredibly excited by the news! With good friends, the online mode can be great fun, organising trade routes and bartering for resources.  The graphics in 1404 were beautiful, with intricate cities and well-detailed landscapes; I'll never forget seeing my first volcano explosion! One of the best parts of the previous games was creating a grand city with tree-lined boulevards, oranmental gardens and the like while maximising the needs of your citizens. The epic monuments such as the gorgeous Imperial cathedral in 1404 would take 3 hours of real-world time to build, making its completion one of those truly satisfying moments in video-gaming.  Hopefully they can add more of these 'end-game' buildings while maintaining a satisfying resource management game.  

All in all, I'm a happy gamer! 

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I've never heard of the Ammo series and thought that this was a sequel to Metro 2033.

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Wow, everyone has responded with a positive comment... 
I guess I'll join the crowd, peer pressure yay, and say this looks kinda cool.  
I enjoyed what I played of the latest game and this looks like it would give them the opportunity to try out some new stuff as well.

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I like the idea but it looks too futuristic. 2070 is 60 years from now. The look of the world didn't change that much from the 50s to now.
This is the franchise btw:
It's a little mixed up with the German version and its names.

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Those screens look amazing, I might actually play this, I love the sci-fi look

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Interesting. Let's see what they can make out of this futuristic theme.

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Wow that game looks stunning.

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Futuristic setting...

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@Butano said:

I haven't heard of the Anno series before... **looks it up** Oh, it's called Dawn of Discovery in the US. Ok then, I've briefly heard of that game. **watches gameplay video for Dawn of Discovery** OMG WHY HAVE I NOT PLAYED THIS GAME YET!?!?!?!

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