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    A playable Dota character, Anti-Mage is an Agility hero affiliated with the Radiant.

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    Anti-Mage is a hard carry melee hero in Dota 2, designed to be able to annihilate caster type heroes easily. He is very fragile early game, but more than capable of standing toe to toe with the strongest heroes late game. Versatile, elusive and fast, his strength comes from his ability to deplete mana as well as health on attacks. Easy to screw up with but powerful with played properly, he is Recommended for advanced players.

    Mana Break - Anti-Mage's Q ability, a passive that gives Anti-Mage a mana drain effect for everytime he hits an enemy with mana.
    Blink - Anti-Mage's W ability, a skill that let's Anti-Mage teleport a short distance.
    Spell Shield - Anti-Mage's E ability, a passive that increases Anti-Mage's resistance to magic.
    Mana Void - Anti-Mage's R ultimate ability, an ability that allows Anti-Mage to cast a spell that damages the target based on how much of their mana-pool is remaining.


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