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    Sexy Beach 3

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    Sexy Beach 3 is the third game in the Sexy Beach franchise developed by Illusion Software.

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    Compared to previous Illusion games, the graphics have improved.   Clipping issues with hair is less prevalent, and character animation is greatly improved. The game's background also features a lighting engine which renders water reflections and high resolution terrain.

    Improvements to the camera were also made, as it now starts by panning around the character. The camera can also be stopped, and there are Zoom In and Zoom Out functionality using the arrow keys. The left click allows you to rotate around the character and right clicking allows panning on a 2D plane in front of the character. The camera also features several saved positions which can attained by pressing Q,W,E,R, and T. There is also an add on to the game, called Sexy Beach 3 Gravure, that adds a photography feature to the game, offering a rather complex and deep mechanism for picture taking. Independent developers, mostly fans, developed several mods to the game, most of which include different breast sizes and hairstyle. No gameplay-altering mods have been developed. 


    Illusion included all the characters from their previous games with updated graphics.

    Bael Altarus: Bael is the women that manages the Illusion Hotel Resort. She has short blue hair and purple eyes and is found in the game Des Blood 4. She is playable in Sexy Beach 3 Plus (expansion).

    Esk Andersson: The protagonist from the game Des Blood 4. She is a blond female character with two bows in her hair.

    Akagi Manami: Akagi is a brunette girl with two short pony tails. She is a character from Interact Play VR.

    Maria Andersson: Maria is a blond female with long hair from Des Blood VR.
    Eo-Eo: A blond female with short hair. She is also the main character in A-GA.
    Ayase Reiko: Ayase is a brunette nurse who appears in Biko 3.

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