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Arcade Hoops Basketball is a sports game for the iPhone, iPad and DSiWare. The game simulates the play of real world electronic arcade basketball games. Arcade Hoops Basketball contains three gameplay modes: classic, progressive, and 3-Pt. Classic. Each gameplay mode has a corresponding high score ranking.


On the DS the shooting mechanic is controlled by the stylus. To shoot a basketball, the player must first make contact with a basketball to pick it up, and then swipe upwards towards the basketball hoop. The gameplay timer begins when the first basketball is picked-up. Each game contains four basketball, the balls are lined up at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of each game. Human hands are depicted in the game, which grab and shoot the basketball.

The top of the screen displays an electronic scoreboard and timer, modeled after real world arcade basketball games. When a shot is attempted, a corresponding animation is shown on the scoreboard based on the result of the shot:

  • 3 Points
  • 2 Points
  • Air ball
  • Hotshot!
  • Brick!
  • Swish!


In classic mode the player has 45 seconds to score as many baskets as possible. Each basket is worth two points. The backboard remains stationary.


In progressive mode the player is given 99 seconds to score as many baskets as possible. The backboard slides away and towards the player, adding a level of difficultly. When the backboard is farthest away from the player, each basket is worth 3 points. All other successful baskets are worth the traditional 2 points.

3-Pt. Classic

In three point classic the player is given 45 seconds to score as many 3 point baskets as possible. The backboard remains stationary, but is positioned the farthest away from the player as possible. In this mode the basketballs are red, white and blue. These basketballs are reminiscent of the basketballs used in the American Basketball Association, a league that merged with the NBA in 1976.


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