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2Humanalypse Now, Strictly for my G.A.M.E.R.Z.

After a full day of watching the Internet explode over various aspects of Too Human's release, we felt the need to... I dunno, fan the flames or something.

For the record, Kevin's rad, and I will fight anyone who claims otherwise.
For the record, Kevin's rad, and I will fight anyone who claims otherwise.
Ever since we all went nuts and bought iPhone 3Gs around here, I've become way hooked on the Facebook app. It's been pretty addictive, watching what the people that I know are up to. Usually, it's just a bunch of minor stuff, like people saying that they're going to a movie, or someone saying that he's "hella working" or something like that. This morning, I saw this posted in the feed of one Kevin Pereira:

"Too Human: Screw the Haters"

Along with that was a link to this video of Kevin talking what can only be described as "mess" about some of the reviews and reactions to Silicon Knights' new game. At some point, the whole thing started reminding me of the rap world, with its constant YouTube battles. So in the spirit of Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy--or Denis Dyack vs. NeoGAF--we ended up with the following video of our own:


You know, spelling it out like this probably ruins the spirit of the video a bit, but someone with no sense of humor always ends up taking this stuff seriously. So to be clear, I am not actually advocating the shooting or murder of anyone. I just find the way that Too Human has proved to be so divisive really interesting, and occasionally entertaining.

Maybe you should weigh in on the topic yourself via our Question of the Day feature. Or are you too busy playing Too Human today to even care about this mess?
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