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    just a laserdisc i found today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuwvtC2iqrA
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    Thanks for the thousands of hours of content you have provided to gamers since the 90s.
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    It's over 9000!!!
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    What would you do with a Hadoken in a can?
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    Hi Jeff! Are you going to do a review on Myopia from Dynamite Entertainment? Would be very cool!
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    Hello Jeff! If PUBG comes out after you record GOTY but before the end of the year, does it come up the following year? Is it lost forever in GOTY limbo?
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    Question for the next `Jar Time /w Jeff`: What is Discord's business model in your? "The Next Twitch"? Are they building up toward a sell? Would you use their service for Video Games dot com streams?
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    Seems like this article might be up your alley. https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/22/eu-suppressed-study-piracy-no-sales-impact/?sr_source=Facebook
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    Hi Jeff, just wanted to say how much I enjoy your industry talks, most recently the one with Paul Barnett. I'm sure you're epically busy but I'm hoping to either sow or fertilize a thought.
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    Hey Jeff -- I'm a newish collector (been collecting for about ~1 year now) and I focus my collection on original playability (as opposed to emulation). What is your collection "focus"? Thanks! Ben
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    trivia that I thought you & Alex might enjoy, you guys never mentioned this while watching the movie; the old man watching Han teach Sean how to drift is the real life drift King http://goo.gl/7dq5JU
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    Steam is having a VR Anniversary sale and I'm like fuck we've had VR for a year already?
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    Next VRodeo, you should check out Compound on itch.io. It's pretty fun: roguelike with both smooth movement and teleport options. I really enjoyed on Vive. https://notdead.itch.io/compound
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    Couldn't help but notice KoF '98 is available on Switch. I honestly think Ultimate Match is a better version of the game but that's just me.
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    Just finished watching this vid on youtube "Mixed Reality VR" might be worth a shout if you want to show a different perspective on your VR content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T7ux3DXP_w
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    Who gets your vote jeff? https://twitter.com/insertcoindoc/status/796126665491574787 #ImwithStriker
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    You mentioned One Must Fall: 2097 on stream yesterday. I love this game so I took the liberty of making an install guide in the games forum category. Includes sound and controller support