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These are the sorts of games that, if they were to come up while arguing with someone who didn't like games, you'd just have to shrug your shoulders and say "yeah, well... yeah."

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  • Took an appointment to see this pre-release and had two Acclaim guys laughing extremely forcefully at the "jokes" in this "revolutionary" product.

    The launch party for BMX XXX was held at a strip club in New York. I didn't go.

  • The one thing I'll say about The Guy Game is that they were always extremely up-front about what that game was. And for what it set out to accomplish, it did just fine.

    It's just, you know, as a concept, it's... kind of gross. The dude that was heading up the project had been at Iguana for the Turok games and Retro. Then he left to chase his dream of producing a loosely interactive trivia game that played out like a watered-down Girls Gone Wild.

    Then it turned out that one of the girls was underage at the time of filming. Oops.

  • This game was, at one point, scheduled for a full retail release. But instead of doing that, Midway dumped most or all of its copies onto Costco and very quietly tried to forget it ever existed. Calling up for review copies of it just prior to its scheduled release was like pulling teeth. I wasn't sure why until I saw a bin full of them at Costco and grabbed a copy.

    Holy shit, this game is broken in so many amazing ways. It's kind of beautful, in a way. It achieves a level of purity that few games can even hope to attain. Pure garbage.

  • Apparently this one came about because the Midway CEO (pretty sure it was David Zucker at the time), saw the success of Call of Duty and, to a lesser extent, Medal of Honor and thought "hey, we should get in on that."

    Then, instead of letting the developers finish the game, it got pooped out early and stunningly broken. At least, I remember hearing from a developer that worked on the game that claimed that was the case. It's always hard to know who to believe in cases like that. I agree that it was shipped too early, but... well, let's just say that six more months might have made the tanks stop twitching out and breaking in multiplayer, but six months wouldn't have made that game "good." Six years probably wouldn't have made Hour of Victory good.

  • The original rape game. But hey, it's old, so now we can all just look back on it and laaaaaaugh?