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What are the best Amiga games?

I want to take a longer look at the Amiga and what sets it apart today, but it’s hard to be impressed by what people seem to claim as the “best” Amiga games at this point, mostly because a lot of those games are ports and better or equal versions of the game were available elsewhere.

So if you care about the Amiga, I’m curious to know: what’s worth looking at in 2015? Are there versions of games that are historically significant? I see people talk about the quality of the Marble Madness port or Mortal Kombat II, but considering how easy it’s become since then to simply play the original versions of those games, the ports fall a bit flat. I owned an Amiga 500, but didn’t have access to a ton of games at the time.

So, then, I ask you: what are the best Amiga games? What should I definitely be looking at?


A couple of Destiny expansion codes

Hello! We got a few Destiny Expansion 1 codes for PS3/PS4 and aren't going to use them all. It's almost like the people who were going to play it already bought it and most of the staff has zero interest in it or something!

So take 'em if you want 'em and please post below if you end up getting them so people know not to keep trying, OK? Thanks for using the site and being around and being deep enough into it to see a user blog like this one!

(These might only work on the North American store, I'm not sure how these codes work. OK?)


$15 store code here...

My membership renewed yesterday and I got a new discount code for our store. I'm not going to use it, but if anyone wants $15 off, here's the code:


Enjoy? I guess post a comment if you end up using it so that other people know that it's already been cashed in, cool? See ya soon.


New Platform: New Nintendo 3DS (N3DS)

OK, so...

New Nintendo 3DS

Looks like they're making a Game Boy Color but for the 3DS. I think the name is pretty unfortunate and potentially confusing, personally, but whatever.

Games that run exclusively on the New Nintendo 3DS should be tagged to this platform. 3DS games that have "enhanced functionality" when plugged into a New Nintendo 3DS should be tagged to both this and the "old" 3DS platform.


Wiki: Friends/Enemies -> Related Characters

Given the way that character relationships tend to twist and turn in video games, I'm finding that our current ability to create character-to-character relationships on a "friend" or "enemy" list to be a little outmoded. Would anyone object to bringing those two lists together into one that's simply called Related Characters?


Wiki Tip: Parodies/Unlicensed Appearances are not the same as appearances

Spent some time digging around some of the older wrestling games and character pages on the site to find that people have tagged many of the Fire Pro Wrestling games with characters who actually aren't in the games. Just a note that just because a company is trying to make a character in Randy Savage's likeness does not mean that Randy Savage is in the game. We want actual, "real" appearances when we attach characters to games, not parodies or cases where the company is just "borrowing" someone's likeness.