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Adam Sessler's Top 10 Games of 2012

Sess-Money steps down from his soapbox and just talks to us like *human beings* about his top 10 games of 2012.

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Adam Sessler is the Executive Producer and Editor-in-Chief at Revision3 Games. Known for his 14 years hosting television about videogames, Adam has made a name for himself with outspoken opinions, irreverence and a deep aversion to ever wanting to hear about Kingdom Hearts 3.

10. Far Cry 3

The ever-elusive open-world shooter finally has its high-water mark with this game. This absurdly expansive game maintains its momentum with enough breadth in play style and character growth to make it compelling and fun through to the end.

9. Borderlands 2

Gearbox clearly understood what made the original such a success and favorite and doubled down. Improved skill trees, hysterical writing and the same compulsive combat make this the most compulsively satisfying game of the year.

8. Sleeping Dogs

Perhaps the most surprising game of the year for me. The addition of complex melee combat with accessible driving controls make this game the GTA clone that improves the formula and distinguishes itself in the right ways.

7. Halo 4

343 Industries took the reins and delivered the most satisfying Halo entry since the first. Dead-on pacing, carefully constructed combat environments and accessible storytelling all work together to reinvigorate the franchise.

6. The Unfinished Swan

A mediation on mortality and regret seen through the eyes of a child naïf, not your standard gaming fare. This beautiful, thoughtful game with compelling mechanics had me completely enchanted; again, not a typical gaming adjective.

5. The Walking Dead

Through exceptional writing and characterizations The Walking Dead somehow manages to upend the conventional wisdom of what a game needs to succeed and pulls off an emotionally devastating experience.

4. Mass Effect 3

A game that knew just how to conclude itself (yeah…I said it). 25 hours that summates one’s path in a virtual life that cannot escape the inexorable pull of finality. Emotionally satisfying and mature, it’s the rare trilogy that fully satisfies.

3. Journey

Simply put: A thing of beauty. Journey sublimates the concept of game into pure experience and is a love letter for everyone who wanted something a little more from their time playing on a console.

2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

This game is a thing of beauty, perfectly structured and balanced and easily (if not preferably) playable with a controller. XCOM rewards the patient player and, despite being turn-based strategy, is the most harrowing game of the year.

1. Dishonored

This game just plain hit my sweet spot and brought back memories of playing Deus Ex for the first time but was able to apply the design philosophy to numerous instances of exceptional level design. The world of Dunwall, explicated with exquisite Art Direction, was filled with such mystery that the game has yet to leave my head.