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Audiosurf For iPhone Possible, Perhaps Even Probable?

Upcoming firmware updates may make "surfing your music" possible on Apple's devices.

Part puzzle game, part rhythm game, all radical.
Part puzzle game, part rhythm game, all radical.
OK, here's an iPhone game-related story I can totally get behind. It seems that the upcoming 3.0 firmware update for iPhone and iPod Touch will allow independent application developers to access the device's music library. Previously, those applications were locked out and kept far, far away from your collection of Tommy february6 tracks. This, as you might guess, would be key for any sort of game that allows you to "surf your music."

The Escapist picked up a little e-mail exchange between an iPhone gaming site called APPera and Audiosurf's lead developer Dylan Fitterer, where APPera essentially asked "hey, does this mean that you're going to do Audiosurf for iPhone now?"

They got a reply...


I’m on it.

I ran into Dylan briefly at this year's SpikeTV Video Game Awards, where Audiosurf was straight-up robbed in the Best Independent Game category. We talked quickly about the iPhone and the potential for having Audiosurf all up in your pocket, but the library access was, obviously, a huge stumbling block. With that potentially out of the way? Dude, yes.
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