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DeathSpank Coming To PC And Mac Starting This Month

Even your mom knew this was going to happen, but it's nice to have confirmation.

DeathSpank is indeed coming to the PC and Mac. The PC version will shoot first, however, and land on Steam on October 26. The Mac version's release date will be announced later, Hothead Games has said.
Popular belief pegged DeathSpank as a future PC and Mac release long before this morning's reveal, back to even before the hack-and-slash title debuted on Xbox Live Arcade. This is due in part to Hothead Games' legacy of desktop releases and the game's traditionally PC-centric style of play, but the winks and nudges from game creator Ron Gilbert haven't hurt the impression either. 

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DeathSpank PC is priced at 15 bucks. You can get an additional 10 percent off that tag if you pre-order now via Steam. Additionally, you can get 15 percent off the combined price of DeathSpank and Klei Entertainment's Shank if you pre-order the indie-licious "Shank and 'Spank" bundle the two studios have cobbled together. The Steam version of Shank, as you might already know, hits this October 26, too. 
== TEASER ==Here's a Quick Look for the Xbox 360 version of the game. It probably wouldn't hurt to check out Jeff's take on it, either. Turns out that DeathSpank isn't exactly that funny. Or that fun.