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The Community Spotlight 2024.05.11

Who among us didn't hit someone with a Stone Cold Stunner in a backyard in 1998?

Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at big site-related news and best community creations from the previous week!

As mentioned last week, the big news continues to be the Giant Bomb @ Nite LIVE event in Los Angeles on June 9th! General admission continues to be $40. Also, don't forget to read how to take advantage of a Premium Subscriber opportunity if you have a Premium Sub!

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Some have you have expressed annoyance with videos not being posted on the Giant Bomb YouTube account. In reality, all of Giant Bomb's livestreams are safe, they are just hidden on the Giant Bomb YouTube account's "Live" tab." This is simply how YouTube archives livestreamson all accounts now.

Better yet, we have some big updates about the state of the video player. Progress is being made and some of you have already said that the issues are dissipating. If it is still not working for you on-site, please click the link above and drop a comment with your preferred browser.

If the latest Dump Truck was not available in the podcast feed at first, whether it be the regular one or the premium one, it should be now. Be aware that podcasts not showing up in their proper feeds is now a responsibility that TurboShawn is taking up so try to include them when you attempt to report missing episodes.

Giant Bomb's NOT-E3 2024 Information

E3 is dead and buried, but that doesn't mean that Giant Bomb @ Nite is also dead. In fact, this year Giant Bomb may have the most ambitious E3/Not E3 plans it has ever had, which you can learn all about here!

    The Not-E3 2024 Time Zone Chart - Many thanks to @marino for once again making a handy timezone chart for all of the big conferences and streaming events during Not-E3 2024. The chart has been UPDATED to include new times and conferences that have since gotten hard start times!
  • Giant Bomb @ Nite LIVE! - Right after Summer Game Fest on Sunday June 9th at 8 PM (PDT), Giant Bomb will be doing GB@Nite live in-person at The Bellwether in Los Angeles. Regular tickets are $40.
  • *Special Note For Premium Members! - For those of you with an active Premium Subscription, you have the option to get a "VIP Package." The benefits of this package include being guaranteed to sit in the first three rows, early entry into the theater, and being able to watch an exclusive Q&A panel. To get the details on how to nab this premium package, head on over to the Giant Bomb Discord and find the "Q-and-A-Questions" section of the Premium field.



My Friend Peppa Pig Is The 10th Game Of UUGPGC Year 3! Mark Spoilers. Finish By May 20 (By: @bigsocrates)

I regret nothing.
I regret nothing.

Well... this edition of the community Game Pass Game Club the group is playing... My Friend Peppa Pig! How do we all feel about Peppa Pig in general? Is she an icon or another soulless mass manufactured toy selling enterprise?


LLOLLL - An Animated Giant Bomb Blight Club Series (COMPLETE SEASON 2) (By: Pickle Giraffe)

As is usually the case when a season of Giant Bomb Blight Club Animated ends, Pickle_Giraffe has a video that compiles all of the episodes of a season and puts them into a video for your viewing pleasure! They definitely have big plans for Grubbermero, but until then, enjoy this!


Dark Echo is #AllElite (By: @kone)

Wrestling. For shoot, it is unavoidable these days on Giant Bomb, but hopefully you enjoyed the VMDT that had Evil Uno and Adam Cole as they are decidedly cool people even for wrestling newbies or skeptics.

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"Yare Yare Daze!" (By: @jearum)

As mentioned, the VMDT getting Evil Uno and Adam Cole seems to have inspired some content creators to make works of art at the expense of Jeff Bakalar. As I sometimes claim, JoJo and wrestling go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

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Jeff Grubbmero (By: @jearum)

With the introduction of a new Blight Club comes the introduction of an updated version of jeanrum's Blight Club Superfriends banner! This one is looking a little on the... edgy side.

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Mega Archive: Part XL: From Last Action Hero to Virtual Pinball +

Indie Game of the Week 369: Supraland: Six Inches Under(By: @mento)

Remember when they try to make the Pink Panther cool?
Remember when they try to make the Pink Panther cool?

This week, Mento has two of their recurring features on the site. First, they continue to look at the games that came out for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis both big and small. If you want a trip down memory lane, this is for you!

Second, their "Indie Game of the Week" feature assesses Supraland Six Inches Under, a former game pick for the Game Pass Game Club! Read why they ended up giving this first-person Metroidvania game their top marks!

The Jobs In Final Fantasy III Are Weird, Broken, Beautiful, And STILL Deeply Influential On The Series (Part 2) (By: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie wraps up their two-part mini series on the jobs in Final Fantasy III and the indelible impression they have had on the series as a whole. Give it a read even if you are not a fan of one of the lower-tier and reputationally difficult Final Fantasy games.

What's The Greatest Video Game: Smoke And Sacrifice (By: @imunbeatable80)

imunbeatable80 is back with a new edition of their "What's the Greatest Video Game" feature and this one is all about Smoke and Sacrifice! Did they enjoy exploring an underground world in this action RPG? Find out NOW!

PlayStation Pastime 001: Gamera 2000, Gungage, iS: internal section, Panzer Bandit, Rising Zan (By: @amlabella)

The only reasonable way to beat Final Fantasy III.
The only reasonable way to beat Final Fantasy III.

amlabella joins Jeff Grubb and Mike in praising Gamera 2000 with the first edition of their "PlayStation Pastime" blog post on the site! Read about that game, Gungage, iS: Internal Section, Panzer Bandit, AND MORE over here!

I Liked The Wii U Despite Not Playing Very Many Wii U Games. (By: @chamurai)

With all of the uncertainty surrounding this current console cycle and what the future holds for console in general, chamurai decided to return to the old Wii U and shares why current events has them nostalgic for the platform.

A Flawed, But Fun Portal Into The PlayStation 5's Ecosystem (By: @pauljeremiah)

iS was definitely not a name I was expecting to hear this week.
iS was definitely not a name I was expecting to hear this week.

pauljeremiah provides an in-depth review of the PlayStation Portal on the site. Read why he can't help but think there's a niche it could serve, though they confirm this specific device fails to satisfy.

Heavy Elements: The Science of Half-Life and Black Mesa (By: @gamer_152)

It's a topic briefly covered in NoClip's documentary about Half-Life and Black Mesa, but Gamer_152 decided to take a DEEP DIVE on the "science" of Half-Life and your activities in the Black Mesa research facility!

The Dark Pictures Anthology - Little Hope (By: @monkeyking1969)

After falling off of the The Dark Pictures Anthology series and Supermassive Games' stuff in general, monkeyking1969 gave The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope a shot and shares on their latest blog how things went.

It Doesn't Feel Good To Be Real Life Cheated, Nickeled, And Dimed In Your Virtual Fantasy Worlds. +

Amico Fans! Tommy Tallarico's Cornhole Has Been Fixed And Now Kind Of Works! Rejoice! (By: @bigsocrates)

Still worthless? Not so fast.
Still worthless? Not so fast.

bigsocrates uses the current controversy regarding Helldivers II to discuss why many in the gaming hobby feel like bigger video game companies are trying to squeeze pennies out of players in virtual worlds these days.

Also, bigsocrates returns with a new blog about the Intellivision Amico. Old habits die hard.

Discussion Threads

Microsoft Shuts Down Arkane Austin And Tango Gameworks As Part Of "Devastating" Bethesda Cuts (By: @bigsocrates)


The announcement that Microsoft will be shutting down Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin has still left many people numb. Where do you stand regarding Phil Spencer's Xbox tenure and what does a gaming industry safety net look like?

Hades II Early Access Discussion (By: @atheistpreacher)

How many of you have checked out the Hades II Early Access? How do you think Hades II feels and looks compared to the first game? What tweaks or changes are you hoping for? Join the discussion over here!

Ghosts of Tsushima PC Port Delisted From 170 Non-PSN Countries. Is This The Future For All Sony PC Releases? (By: @zombiepie)

Any one else give this a shot?
Any one else give this a shot?

So, it appears that the Ghost of Tsushima PC port has been delisted in all countries that do not have PSN support. Considering how much Sony struggled with the Helldivers II debacle, is this the new "normal?"

It's Not Just Microsoft. Big Publishers Continue To Exit The Mid-sized Game Business. (By: @bigsocrates)

Microsoft shutting down Tango Gameworks is one of many signs that major publishers are shirking away from mid-sized games. While there will always be Devolver Digital or Iron Galaxy Studios, what are the consequences of EA, Ubisoft, and the major console publishers turning after from these games?

For Those Watching X-Men 97... Do You Think This Is A Great Comeback For The Franchise Under Disney? (By: @topcyclist)

Are you enjoying this nostalgia trip?
Are you enjoying this nostalgia trip?

Have you been enjoying X-Men 97? Have you liked the referential humor as much as the hard-hitting drama? Also, do you think the show's popularity is something unique to it or can it be replicated with other IPs?

The Xbox Console Business Is In (The Beginnings Of) A Death Spiral (By: @bigsocrates)

Is this the end?
Is this the end?

Are we watching the Xbox Series X|S consoles and Xbox brand descend into a death spiral? When you look at the news from this week and think about what the future has, is there any reason to have optimism with the Xbox name?

Sea of Thieves Was EU's Best-Selling Digital PS5 Game; 3rd In US. Is This What MS's Leaders See As Their Endgame? (By: @zombiepie)

Xbox games are doing rather well on PlayStation 5. Last month, Sea of Thieves was the best-selling digital game on the platform in the EU and other titles have also been successful. Is this multiplatform release format the "endgame" MS's leaders have in mind?

Nintendo Admits That A Switch Successor Is Coming, But It Won't Be Discussed In The June Direct (By: @bigsocrates)

Definitely wild to see this.
Definitely wild to see this.

A Switch 2 has been confirmed, but in the most Nintendo way imaginable. Nintendo will not be talking about their Switch successor at the June Nintendo Direct. Are you surprised by this announcement?

EA Misses Q1 Target. CEO Claims Devs Have Real Hunger To Use Generative AI And Supports Thoughtful In-Game Ads (By: @zombiepie)

Electronic Arts is giving 5 billion dollars back to its shareholders. Also, after EA missed its Q1 forecast, CEO Andrew Wilson expressed some less than great opinions about generative AI and in-game ads you can discuss in the thread linked above.

Is There A Game You've Mostly Forgotten Except For One Weird Detail/Experience? (By: @chamurai)

Can anyone other than Nintendo dig up? Please!
Can anyone other than Nintendo dig up? Please!

Here's a relatable gaming topic on the forums! Can you think of a game where all you remember about it is a single scene or moment? What's the scene and game? To the right, here are some comments to get you thinking about your examples!

Sony Announced Helldivers II Would Require PSN Login On PC And Then Reversed The Decision (By: @bigsocrates)

Sony is reversing its plan to require PC players of Helldivers II to have a PSN account. However, PSN accounts are going to be a requirement for future Sony games on PC. What real victories were there, if any?


My 2023 Game of the Year (By: @themathlete)

If you ask me, every month is GOTY month!
If you ask me, every month is GOTY month!

TheMathlete couldn't make one when it was topical, but they got around to making a 2023 GOTY list on Giant Bomb! I honestly don't care if you are in the same boat as them! When you make a GOTY list on the site, let me know and I'll Tweet and Spotlight 1it!


Is the Switch port the definitive version of Bayonetta?
Is the Switch port the definitive version of Bayonetta?

@infantpipoc's Bayonetta review checks out the game on Nintendo Switch. Is there any awkwardness with this port and does the game as a whole still hold up? Read their review to see what they think!

Wiki Of The Week


Are you one of the defenders of the original Xbox controller design?
Are you one of the defenders of the original Xbox controller design?

A lot of people have raised legitimate concerns about the future of Xbox as a console and hardware brand. As many of us still raise these concerns, let's throw things back to where everything started for Microsoft, the OG Xbox!