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    Iron Galaxy Studios

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    Formed on August 15th, 2008 in Chicago, Iron Galaxy specializes in technical outsourcing. They released their first original title, Wreckateer, on July 25, 2012.

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    Iron Galaxy Studios is a video game developer based in Chicago, Illinois. Former Midway employee Adam Boyes is its CEO and Dave Lang as its C(3)PO.

    Unlike many other small video game developers, Iron Galaxy Studios has tended to focus more upon creating partnerships with larger videogame studios than it has upon creating its own unique IP. This has enabled it to complete work on parts of much larger projects, that it would have been unable to undertake alone. This all fits within the ambit of its provision of technical consultancy services. Some examples of such partnerships include:

    • Skyrim (NSW) - 2011's Skyrim was ported to the Nintendo Switch by Iron Galaxy Studios.
    • Scribblenauts Remix - The iOS version of this Scribblenauts collection was developed by Iron Galaxy Studios working in conjunction with WB and 5th Cell. It features content from previous Scribblenauts games, in addition to some brand new levels exclusive to iOS.
    • Ms. Splosion Man - Iron Galaxy Studios is working on porting this Xbox 360 title to the iOS and Windows Phone 7 formats (working in partnership with Twisted Pixel).
    • Back to the Future: The Game (Wii) - A partnership with Telltale Games enabled Iron Galaxy Studios to work on the port of the Back to the Future title for the Nintendo Wii format.
    • Bioshock 2 (PC) DLC - Iron Galaxy Studios helped to bring The Protector Trials and Minerva's Den DLC to the PC platform, working in partnership with 2K Marin. They also worked on a number of fixes to the original game itself.
    • Killer Instinct (XBOX ONE) - In March 2014 Iron Galaxy's Dave Lang announced that his studio would be taking over development of Killer Instinct after its original developer, Double Helix was acquired by Amazon earlier in the year.
    • Borderlands 2 (VITA) - Although the developer was not originally announced alongside the project at Sony's 2013 Gamescom press conference, Iron Galaxy ported Borderlands 2 to the Vita, which released to mixed reception.

    The company is also working on a number of unannounced projects with developers including 2K, Capcom and Epic Games.

    The company has recently also begun to work on developing its own IP. Its first original title, Wreckateer, was released on 25 July 2012 on the Xbox Live Arcade. It is a physics based destruction game which makes use of Xbox Kinect for motion control functionality. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world. It featured as part of the annual Summer of Arcade promotion on Xbox Live Arcade along with Deadlight, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Hybrid and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.


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