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    Beards are visible facial follicle growth, commonly associated with adult male homo sapiens. In video games, beards are commonly found in character customization systems (i.e. Rock Band) or when pirates are involved (i.e. the Monkey Island series).

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    Beard vs. Chops

    Ever since EA released the box art to the new Medal of Honor game there has been more than one thread pitting Captain Price's impressive mutton chops versus the Medal of Honor guy's (who is only known by " Cowboy" at the moment) fairly epic beard.

    Circumstances for Beards

    Some people may be forced to grow a beard due to specific causes, including grief, submarines, bets and wagers, and religion. Others are smart enough to merely choose to grow a beard, understanding the implicit awesomeness of facial hair, because nothing is more sacred to a man than his facial hair. Some would argue that beards are a natural state for males, and those that shave could be mistaken as children or women from a distance.

    Realistic Beard Simulation In Games

    The game Deadly Premonition, released in early 2010, features an in-game day and night cycle where the main character, Francis York Morgan, must sleep and change his clothes to avoid fatigue and becoming "stinky". Also included is a beard growth minigame where the player must make difficult choices concerning the amount of facial hair that Morgan sports. Many places in-game offer mirrors and sinks where the player can trim the sometimes unsightly stubble of the hero, although many players choose to let his beard grow naturally. The beard represents a personal choice on the part of player, revealing to other observing gamers the level of badassery present in their gaming brethren.

    However, there is a serious and potentially game-breaking bug late in the game where his beard mysteriously disappears and then reappears. While this doesn't actually cause the game to break or do anything that "normal" people would define as game-breaking, everyone knows that your beard phasing in and out of reality is an experience that can break you.


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