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    These are often a departure from the conventional gameplay of a game. There have also been compilations; games including only minigames. The Mario Party series has a lot of minigames, too!

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    An example of the lockpicking minigame from Fallout 3
    An example of the lockpicking minigame from Fallout 3

    A "minigame" may also refer to a minigame within a "main" game.

    For example, in Final Fantasy VII, mini-games occur on many occasions during the plot, ranging from motorbike combat and snowboard racing to tower defense like strategy and various other mini-games at an arcade. Similarly, Shenmue also features an arcade with different mini-games, as well as unusual plot-related mini-games such as forklift driving.

    Another example is Fallout 3. When tasked with hacking a computer or picking the lock on a door, a minigame starts where you have to carry out the relevant task. So, when trying to hack a computer, you get 4 attempts at getting the password through a simple logic game. Or when lockpicking, the character has move the bobby pin with one analogue stick on the controler and the screwdriver with the other.

    The Super Mario Galaxy series also have minigames that Mario and Luigi play during the series and here they are:

    Minigames In The Super Mario Galaxy Series

    Crate Smashing from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    Crate Smashing from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    • Ray Surfing (Super Mario Galaxy)
    • The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    • Crate Smashing (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    • Star Ball (Both Games)
    • The Chimp's Stomp Challenge (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    • The Chimp's Coin Challenge (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    • Bob-omb Blasting (Super Mario Galaxy)
    • The Chimp's Score Challenge (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    • The Chimp's Bowling Challenge (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    • The Chimp's Skating Challenge (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    • Fluzzard Racing (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

    Other full games may consist entirely of mini-games, such as Wii Play and Wii Sports.

    Mario Party

    Cointagious - Minigame from the Mario Party series.
    Cointagious - Minigame from the Mario Party series.

    In the Mario Party franchise of games produced by Nintendo and Hudson Soft, minigames appear at the end of the turn where players compete for coins and even stars in various types: 4-player, duel, battle and more. These games has various challenges for the player to complete like finding a key in Bowser's Castle in Treasure Dome!, collecting flower petals in Flower Shower and racing to the finish line in Kartastrophe. Each minigame has a time limit ranging from 3 seconds to a minute long for the players to complete and if you do it within the time limit, then you win! Each Mario Party game has 50-90 minigames in all for the player to compete in.

    Minigames have featured in many games both recent and past including the Mario Party franchise, Gears of War 2, Fable 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. Here are the minigame types that appeared in the Mario Party series:

    Minigame Types (Mario Party)

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    • 4-Player: This type is a free-for-all where 4 players face off against each other in various minigame challenges. The player who does the best is the winner.
    • Single-Player: In the original Mario Party, one person must complete a special one-player challenge.
    • 1-vs-3: In this minigame type, One person must defeat all 3 members while playing in various ways.
    • Game Guy: Step right up and place your bets because Game Guy will play a casino minigame with you in Mario Party 3. The bet: All of your coins!
    • 2-vs-2: 2-vs-2 minigames or team minigames is a great type because teamwork is the key when you play this type.
    • 8-Player: Appearing only in Mario Party 7, this type pits 4 teams of 2 in various challenges.
    • Item: Appearing in Mario Parties 2 and 3, players can earn special items that will help the player later on.
    • Battle: Battle minigames pit players in various challenges but, they have to pay the battle entrance fee to the pot and the winner of the game takes the lion's share!
    • One of the duel minigames in Mario Party 5. Duel: A 1-on-1 showdown against each other in a battle of wits.
    • DK: DK minigames make an appearance first in Mario Party 5. In these games, players must trade bananas for coins.
    • Mic: This type allows the player to play minigames with a Gamecube Microphone. It only appears in Mario Parties 6 & 7.
    • Boss: Appearing in most games, boss minigames are games where you have to face the boss.
    • Challenge: This type allows the player to play a special challenge that is only for 1 player in Mario Party 8.
    • Rare: Rare minigames are special games that appear in Mario Parties 6 & 7.
    • A Bowser minigame from Mario Party 4. Bowser: Watch out for this one because Bowser forces you to play those dreaded minigames if you land on a Bowser Space. If you win, then you're safe but if you lose these games, then Bowser will breathe fire on those unlucky people and you have to pay coins or a star to the Koopa King. Bwahaha! This appears in Mario Parties 4-7.

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