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Wii Sports is the pack-in for the Wii for all regions except for Japan. It includes five sports mini-games, corresponding challenges, and a daily trainer that gives the player a score similar to the Brain Age system. It utilizes Miis as the player's avatar.

Included Games

Wii Tennis

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The player swings the Wii Remote like a tennis racket, hitting a ball back and forth with a friend or a computer-controlled player. Players can shoot forehand and backhand shots, and also put spin on the ball, depending on the way they swing. Four player matches are available and two players can play on each team.


Wii Boxing
Wii Boxing

The player holds the Wii Remote and Nunchuk like they're extensions of their hands. The player must mimic the motions of blocking, punching, and jabbing. Two player matches are available.


Wii Golf
Wii Golf

The player mimics the swing of a golf club. The speed on the swing controls distance, as well as accuracy. It can be played with up to four players.


Wii Baseball
Wii Baseball

In baseball, the player swings the Wii Remote as they would a bat. Players also pitch the baseball as they would in real life. The pitcher can choose different pitches to throw, as well as placement of the pitches. It can be played with two players.


Wii Bowling
Wii Bowling

The bowling arm movement is mimicked with the Wii Remote. Players can put spin on the ball, by twisting the Wii Remote during the bowling motion. The player bowls by holding down the "B" button and pulling back their arm in a bowling motion, then letting go to throw the ball. One to four player games are supported.

Updated Version

Nintendo has silently updated the Wii Sports game with minor enhancements that were found in European regions at first. This includes NPC baseball players throwing to base, a replay of a knock outs in boxing, players lining up before baseball, etc. This seems to be because the game might have shipped while not being completely finished and Nintendo assumed these updates were not really necessary to delay the release of the game and or console. The game also started coming in plastic cases instead of the cardboard "fold-up" ones that the first Wii consoles were shipped with.


As the pack-in game (in most regions) for the Wii console the game was carefully designed to best showcase the audience which the console was targeting.

For example the designers had originally intended for the baseball mini-game to play as much like the real sport equivalent as possible with the added bonus that the player could swing the controller like a real world bat. As development proceeded they realised that they wouldn't have the time necessary to implement all the aspects of baseball they wished to include and so switched the focus to the most unique and important part of the game - the swinging of the controller - and concentrated their attention on making that experience just right. Other details such as nine innings and stealing bases were not part of this essential experience and so were cut from the game.


  • Some of buttons in the game are shaped differently in other foreign copies of the game.
  • This website tracks Wii Sports world records: Wii Sports World Records
  • According to the NPD Wii Sports as surpassed Super Mario Bros. as the best selling game of all time.


As of March 31 2016, Wii Sports has sold 82.78 million units worldwide.


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