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    A garment made for covering the hand.

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    A shaped covering for the hand that includes five separated sections for the thumb and fingers, and extends to the wrist,elbow, or too the shoulder. Gloves can combat cold weather or wear and tear on one 's hands. Gloves can be used to avoid leaving fingerprints: Criminals, for example us gloves to minimize the evidence they leave behind, where law enforcement offices may use them to avoid contaminating evidence at a crime scene. Some gloves serve a strictly decorative purpose. An armored glove for use in combat is referred to as a gauntlet.

    Mittens are similar to gloves, except contain only a single compartment for four fingers and a separate compartment for the thumb. Fingerless gloves leave the fingers exposed, preventing wear on the palms, but not affecting dexterity.

    In video games, many characters wear gloves by default. Gloves often have the impression in character design of making a character look more professional or prepared. Along these lines, superheroes, such as Batman or Spider-man, often wear gloves. In many role playing games, gloves can be added for extra armor, such as in Dragon Age: Origins. In cases where gloves are equip-able, bare hands are often the alternative.

    Often in video games, gloves are weaponized. They are sometimes used to increase melee damage to regular punches by adding blunt or sharp objects to the knuckles. Other times firearms or other gadgets are added to the gloves. In many fantasy games, where spells are cast using the hands, gloves may be imbued with elemental or magical properties.


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