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    A first person survival horror game set on an abandoned Moon base, Routine draws influence from an 80s vision of the future. The main objective is to uncover the truth in a place where death is permanent.

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    Routine is a non-linear, first person survival horror game with procedurally generated environments. It's set on an abandoned Moon Base, in an 80s vision of the future, called the "Lunar Research Station". Go into the dark depths of the base to uncover the truth. Survive as long as you can to collect enough data to reveal the strange disappearance of the crew.

    The game was announced at Gamescom 2012, Routine was later Greenlit on Steam. The developers have no set date for when the game will release.


    The game features a 'roguelike' system for random generation of hazards, AI locations and items; with only one life. The game has no HUD, or scoring systems. It also has multiple endings that are based on your actions. Permadeath will occur upon failure. Players are equipped with a weapon called "CAT" ("Cosmonaut Assistance Tool") that can be upgraded with floppy disks, which directly affect how the weapon reacts.

    Implementation of the virtual reality head-mounted display Oculus Rift is expected at launch.

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