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    Echo Night: Beyond

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 27, 2004

    Explore a seemingly abandoned lunar space station in this unique first-person adventure game.

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    The game begins when the protagonist crash-lands on the moon on his way to his honeymoon, your wife and the other passengers are nowhere to be found after the crash. As you stumble your way out of the wreckage you'll find that the space station you crashed into appears to be abandoned, that is, until you bump into a freaking GHOST! As you explore more areas of the station you'll come across bits and pieces of what actually took place there before "The Happening". You also find out that some of these ghosts might not be too fond of you...


    Echo Night: Beyond is a first-person game, the HUD is very minimalistic and integrated in your spacesuit visor. The only NPC's you will be interacting with are ghosts of former inhabitants on the space station, some are friendly and may ask you to perform tasks for them (mainly fetch-quests) and others may be hostile and can kill you. Unlike most first-person games however you will not come across any weapons in Echo Night, whenever you are in the face of danger you'll have to run away before your heartbeat meter rises to high and you suffer a heart attack. Your spacesuit also comes equipped with a flashlight, the flashlight does not recharge automatically though you will find extra batteries along the way.

    The game goes for a very atmospheric and immersive gameplay style, your perspective will be from inside a spacesuit helmet meaning that you'll see through the visor. The sounds you'll hear will for the most part be from your characters footsteps, breathing and heartbeat along with ambient sounds from the space station and whispers from wandering souls nearby.


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