• kodial posted on marino’s wall.
    There are 3 chars that I have on Pending but since I reached 5000 pts, I added them again and tried to delete the pending submissions. Obviously I can't delete them. So pls feel free to reject them.
  • InVein813 posted on marino’s wall.
    Hi. Can you tell me please how can I add the game review on the page ? Cause I don't see any option for this. Here is the game page: https://www.giantbomb.com/marrow/3030-60313/user-reviews/
  • cotsygero posted on marino’s wall.
    Hi @Marino, I'm setting up a NFL Fantasy Football for giantbomb users. I have posted in the forums and had good feedback. Would appreciate a callout in the community spotlight if possible. Thanks
  • alibabakhab1 posted on marino’s wall.
    ((𝔾𝕠𝕕 M𝕖𝕕aπ•π•šπ•π•€π•₯))+91-7300305432 love vashikaran specialist molvi ji Mumbai
  • AjayRaz posted on marino’s wall.
    Psst, thank you for reminding me to change my avatar back in light of the end of support for DOA5
  • deactivated-59df7ffd418b0 posted on marino’s wall.
    Thank you for approving my game posts. I'd appreciate it if we could stay in contact to work further with getting my game quicker updates.
  • CoffeeAble posted on marino’s wall.
    Hey, that's a nice way to be in. New horizon just exposed, Marino.........
  • ianBeckman posted on marino’s wall.
    Hi, you made the page for the developer Big Sur Games, the company that makes Cosmo's Quickstop. The developer is actually Big Sir Games, not Big Sur Games. Would appreciate you changing the spelling
  • ChaosOrdeal posted on marino’s wall.
    Literally my first youtube post ever. Could you consider linking this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLsMegYWBsc
  • PandaHeroCommunity posted on marino’s wall.
    Please approve my wiki post, why does it matter if its not a game..? Open Canvas isn't a game & its still listen on Twitch! Please add OpenToonz in, there are a ton of us animators using this!
  • cjheighton posted on marino’s wall.
    Ill try not to post in first or second person, thanks.
  • purdisc posted on marino’s wall.
    hi Marino - Please could you explain why I'm now banned from making edits to my own game's Wiki page: Formula Fusion - I corrected my original edit but now cannot re-submit.
  • Mamba219 posted on marino’s wall.
    My man: we should collaborate on creating a Wiki page on Cros Treewind. I was feeling nostalgic today and remembered dying to him when I was 11. The lack of Cros is an injustice that must be changed!
  • PigDog_Games posted on marino’s wall.
    Hi Marino, I am the CEO of pig dog games and I created all of the content. Do you want to verify my contact info or send a message to the YouTube channel, website or other social media?
  • AlexisHuges posted on marino’s wall.
    If you can post my article with do-follow link here so please contact me alex.huges.company@gmail.com Thank you !
  • lostinthewired posted on marino’s wall.
    Hey Marino, Can you add this thread I posted on my dinner with Anna Davis onto the community spotlight? I wanna make sure that all Duders know that shes doing well. http://bit.ly/2lsFiIK
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    Greeting from Felicitas.i am interested in mail address I will give you my pictures. (felicitaslopez (AT) bellair.net) I hope we can move from here. above Felicitas
  • MistahShowtime posted on marino’s wall.
    Hello! I saw my new game request was denied. I don't mind that. I see it's already on the site now. Any idea why it hasn't synced to Twitch as a game that can be selected to stream or follow?
  • annjaytizzy posted on marino’s wall.
    hello guys, can anyone please share me his/her purchased games on ps3? will so much appreciate it
  • billmcneal posted on marino’s wall.
    when you get to 1,000,000 wiki points, that will be so cool