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    British Academy Video Game Awards

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    The most prestigious awards in the British videogame calender, the BAFTA Video Game Award honour the achievements of the best game developers and their games.

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    BAFTA Video Games Committee

    As of November 2021, the BAFTA Games Committee is comprised of 15 members.


    Deputy Chair:

    Other Elected Members:

    Co-opted Members:


    NOTE: In 2005 there was no BAFTA Video Game Award and before 2003 the game awards were part of the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards.

    Best Game

    Outer Wilds - 2019 Winner
    Outer Wilds - 2019 Winner

    Artistic Achievement


    Super Mario Odyssey - 2017 Winner
    Super Mario Odyssey - 2017 Winner

    Game Design


    Left 4 Dead 2 - 2009 Winner
    Left 4 Dead 2 - 2009 Winner


    Story / Narrative

    Use of Audio / Audio Achievement

    GTA: Vice City - 2003 Winner
    GTA: Vice City - 2003 Winner

    Technical Achievement

    Debut Game


    British Game

    Original Property

    Persistent Game / Evolving Game

    Game Beyond Entertainment


    EE Game of the Year/Audience Award

    NOTE: Originally titled the audience award, the public-chosen best game category has also been labelled the AMD eSports Audience Award, the EE Mobile Award, and as of 2020's awards is known as EE Game of the Year.

    Past Awards

    Academy Fellowship

    The highest accolade the Academy can bestow on an individual or company for outstanding achievement and contribution to the industry through a body of work.


    GRID - 2008 Winner
    GRID - 2008 Winner


    NOTE: For 2013, the "Action" award was changed to "Action & Adventure".


    Social Network Game

    • 2010 - My Empire

    Use of Online

    PC Game

    Technical Achievement

    PlayStation 2 Game

    GameCube Game

    Xbox Game

    Console Game

    Game Boy Advance Game


    Strategy / Simulation

    Civilization V - 2010 Winner
    Civilization V - 2010 Winner


    Mobile & Handheld

    Ones to Watch Award

    • 2016 - Among the Stones
    • 2015 - Sundown
    • 2014 - Chambara
    • 2013 - Size DOES Matter
    • 2012 - Starcrossed
    • 2011 - Tick Tock Toys
    • 2010 - Twang!

    Special Award

    NOTE: The Special Award does not follow the awards' standard annual format.


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