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    A Greek god, brother to Zeus and Poseidon. He is either the fearsome yet just ruler of the Greek underworld, or a malicious Devil-esque figure, depending on the version.

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    Hades is a god in Greek mythology. He is the offspring of the titan Cronos, who swallowed his sons after hearing a prophecy that he would be killed by one of them. He was rescued by his brother Zeus, who forced Cronos to regurgitate his brothers and then slew him. He fought alongside Zeus against the titans, and (against his wishes) was given rulership of the underworld in a game of chance. His position is greatly valued, as he is highly responsible for and rules over the dead.

    His wife is Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. Hades kidnapped her while she was gathering flowers, bringing her to the underworld and forcing her to marry him. While in the underworld she unwittingly ate pomegranate seeds, which trapped her there forever, as anyone who eats the food of the underworld can never leave.

    Hades is a harsh, austere god who is very difficult to please, and hardly ever smiles. While greatly feared by mortals, he is not evil per se, but neutral. In modern portrayals he is often conflated with Satan and given a malicious, deceptive personality.

    God of War series

    While Kratos was on his quest to kill Ares and exploring Pandora's temple he comes across the section dedicated to Hades. Hades would help Kratos on his quest by giving him the Army of Hades. He also appears in God of War II chaining down titans and fighting against them. he also apparently lent his helmet to Perseus as he uses it against his fight with Kratos. In God of War III, Kratos fights and kills Hades. Like all gods, Hades was immortal and invincible to certain forms of attacks. Hades could also shapeshift, which he demonstrated during his battle with Kratos, as he increased his size throughout the battle. As a god, Hades has super strength. His power is rivalled only by his brothers Zeus and Poseidon.

    As the ruler of the Underworld, Hades had a good deal of control over the souls of the dead, to the degree where he was able to gift them to worthy mortals. While Kratos traversed the dangers of Pandora’s Temple, Hades gifted him with the souls of the Underworld to aid him in his journey. These souls literally mauled Kratos’ enemies to death, or weakened them enough for him to finish them off.

    Hades also carried the Claws of Hades, duel hook-ended chain-blades with the power of tearing the souls from any living being, including a Titan. They are depicted as being a set of spiked chains with two purple hooks at the end of each. Hades is "draped" in them, and they are embodied with his magic powers. Using the magic stored within the chains, Hades can pull out the soul of his enemies. By absorbing souls, they allow Hades to become stronger, something he even references whilst battling Kratos, as he taunts him by stating his soul will only make him stronger. These chains are extremely lethal weapons as they allow Hades to attack at short and long distances. They glow with a dark purplish aura indicating the number of souls that it has absorbed. By absorbing countless souls, the chains' attack power increases as well as the speed . Hades has the ability to summon legions of the undead as well as a wide array of undead beasts using the Claws' power. The chains were a very powerful part of Hades' arsenal, and with them he defeated many Titans in the War. . Free from certain limitations from his helmet, Hades could also use a powerful breath attack.

    Age of Mythology

    He is one of the three main Gods that the player can choose if he is the Greek civilization. He also does not make any appearance nor exert any particular influence in the campaign.

    Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

    After the events of the unexpanded Titan Quest the gods decide that humanity is ready to rule itself and leave them to inherit the Earth. This includes leaving the three human judges to rule the afterlife and Hades (the place). However, Hades (the god) refuses to leave and instead sees this as an opportunity to fill the void left by the absence of the other gods and attempts to seize control of all creation. This sets the main character (the representative of humanity) and Hades in direct conflict. Again making Hades have a more antagonistical character which is not particularly the case in the original mythology.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprising.
    Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

    Hades makes his first appearance in the Kid Icarus series at the end of Chapter 9 of Kid Icarus: Uprising. After Pit defeats Medusa, Hades makes his appearance known and picks up right where Medusa left off in waging the forces of the underworld in war against Palutena's Army. It is revealed that Medusa's resurrection was his doing, and that she was but a pawn in his larger scheme to collect souls to increase the ranks of his underworld army. He spends a great deal of time in the game taunting Pit. He also on numerous occasions makes unwanted passes at Palutena and the other goddesses. Even when the deities unite against the threat of the Aurum, he can't resist throwing some obstacles of his own into Pit's path just to harass him.

    It is eventually revealed that Hades is a much more cruel, evil god than Medusa ever was. He destroys countless souls to create even a single underworld servant and violates the sanctity of the cycle of reincarnation. His actions pose a threat to all mortal and immortal life, and he does it all for little reason other than his own personal enjoyment. When Pit finally confronts him with the Three Sacred Treasures, he destroys them with ease and then swallows Pit whole, but Pit is rescued from his insides by Dark Pit, who pilots the Lightning Chariot straight through Hades's body to free him.

    In their final confrontation, Pit uses the Great Sacred Treasure to combat Hades. Hades at one point attempts to flee the fight in order to find human souls to consume in order to grow stronger, but Pit keeps pace with him. Locked in combat, the two exchange blows until Hades finally manages to crush the Great Sacred Treasure between his hands. With Pit defenseless on the ground, he then charges his power for a final blow to destroy the angel, but Palutena senses a strong force heading toward Hades. Unsure if this force is friend or foe, she tells Pit to remain focused on Hades to guide the force to him.

    At the last moment, Medusa appears, and as she catches Hades off guard, she punches his head clean off. Refusing to be Hades's puppet any longer, she continues her assault, but Hades quickly dispatches her, noting that he'll revive her as many times as he sees fit. However, Medusa's sacrifice gives Pit the opportunity to recover, and with the cannon of the Great Sacred Treasure in hand, he takes flight for one last attack. After Palutena uses her power to energize the cannon, Pit pulls the trigger, and the blast destroys Hades once and for all.


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