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    Ancient Greece

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    Historically speaking a period from 1100 B.C. to 146 A.C. ending with the Roman conquest after the battle of Corinth, however it also envelops all of the Greek myths (including the ones of creation), Greek tales, and Classical Greek places that appear in a multitude of games.

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    Notable City-States

    • Athens

    Athens was a nation of thinkers and philosophers. Home of Aristotle and other notable philosophers. Had many great achievements in Pottery and sculpture but was ultimately destroyed by Sparta.

    • Ithaca

    An island in the Ionian sea: the homeland of Oddyseus and one of the settings of the Illiad and Oddysey. Throughout history Ithaca has been under the rule of many, including the Byzantines, the French, the Turks, and the Venetians.

    • Troy

    The setting of the Trojan war, and now located in modern day Turkey.

    • Syracuse

    Home of Archimedes and an island. Extremely notable for Archimedes's primitive laser tower, which worked through giant mirrors.

    • Macedon

    Region from where Alexander the Great was from. They suffered from constant discrimination and subservience to the Greeks until Alexander came along.

    Notable Events

    • Siege of Troy

    After Paris took Helen, the Greek nations joined forces to destroy Troy after a 10 year siege. The siege was succesful after the infiltration of Greek troops using the Trojan Horse, who fought their way to the gate and opened it.

    • Titanomachy

    The 10 year war, staged in now Thessaly long before humanity, between the Titans and the Olympians. With the defeat of the Titans, Zeus banished them to Tartarus -- one of the planes of the Underworld -- to rot forever.

    • Fall of Athens

    Athens was eventually destroyed by the Spartans after a long 30 year siege.

    • Alexander the Great's campaigns

    Alexander the Great conquered most of the known of the world and spread his empire from Macedon to Indi over the course of 10 years of campaigning.


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