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Final Fantasy Series

Cerberus has appeared in a multitude of Final Fantasy games.  

God of War Series

Multiple Cerberi appear as enemies in the first two games of the God of War series.  The primary Cerberus in God of War II is notable for having white fur and horns.

Kingdom Hearts Series

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Cerberus guards the underworld and serves Hades. he is also a boss in the story mode and in a Hades cup.

Mass Effect Series

In the Mass Effect universe, Cerberus is the name of a black ops arm of the Alliance (human) military that has gone rogue.  Initially formed to create human super soldiers, within the time line of the two games released so far (and the related books), it is primarily notable for secretly killing and experimenting on numerous humans, including entire civilian settlements.

Megami Tensei Series

In the Megami Tensei series, Cerberus acts as a dog-like companion to many of the series' protagonists.  He is usually depicted as having only one head instead of three. 

Devil May Cry 3

 In Devil May Cry 3, Cerberus is a three headed hellhound who is the gatekeeper of the entrance to the Temen-ni-gru, chained up and sealed away by Sparda.  It has the power to control ice, which it uses to encase itself in ice armor, summon showers of icicles, and belch small icebergs. Each of it's heads uses different techniques. 
When Dante first enters the tower, Cerberus demands he leave, and then attacks when Dante mocks him. After being defeated, Cerberus willingly relinquishes his soul to Dante as a Devil Arm.

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