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    The mysterious demon dimension that serves as the setting of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. Within are dungeons of a startling variety of appearances all crawling with gods and monsters.

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    The Schwarzwelt is divided into 8 unique sectors, each taking their name from a constellation. Each sector is home to a demon with a Rosseta Manifold, a mass of energy necessary for traversing further into the Schwarzwelt.


    The first area of the Schwarzwelt, named for the "pump" constellation, it's interior resembles a generic Arctic cave. However the outside takes on the appearance of a snowy, war-torn battlefield. The bull-headed demon Morax rules over this area.


    The second area of the Schwarzwelt, named for the herdsman constellation, it is meant to resemble a lavish red-light district. Further in the area demons conduct twisted experiments, using the crewman from the Elve as guinea pigs. Mitra can be found on it's uppermost level.


    The third area of the Schwarzwelt, named for the keel constellation, it resembles an enormous shopping mall. The sector's master, Horkos, has merged with the Elve and continuously avoids the investigation team's pursuit.


    The fourth area of the Schwarzwelt, named for the dolphin constellation, trash and waste proliferates throughout this sector. Members of the strike team are slowly driven to madness by the Sector's ruler, Asura.


    The fifth area of the Schwarzwelt, named for the river constellation, it is modeled after a lush garden paradise. The immortal serpent Ouroboros, the first mother, rules over this area.


    The sixth area of the Schwarzwelt, named for the furnace constellation, it resembles a tremendous database, with surges of information rushing through it. The reborn forms of the the first four "Fathers" will impede your progress throughout the sector. The second mother, Tiamat, serves as master of this area.


    The seventh area of the Schwarzwelt, named for the crane constellation, it is an amalgam of the first four sectors- an illusion created by Maya, the third Mother.


    The eighth and final area of the Schwarzwelt, named for the clock constellation, it resembles a primordial earth with columns of fire bursting from its surface. Mem Aleph, the mother of demons and creator of the Schwarzwelt, awaits the protagonist on the uppermost level.


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