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    Demon Negotiation

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    A common element in the Shin Megami Tensei series and many of its spin-offs. In order to recruit new demons, the player must enter negotiations during battle and appease them so that they feel inclined to join.

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    Demon negotiation is a game mechanic that features heavily in the gameplay of a number of entries in the Megami Tensei franchise. During battle, the player is allowed to attempt to communicate with an enemy demon. If it is willing to hear the player out, negotiations may occur. The demons' willingness to negotiate and general temperament is often affected by the current phase of the moon.

    The negotiation typically begins with the demon making a request of the player. This request may be for an item, a certain amount of macca, HP or SP energy. The demon may also question the player for their opinion regarding a certain matter. The player must then choose how to respond.

    Negotiating with demons can be a tricky business. It is possible that they may make a series of requests, and the player may fill them all, yet the demon will still refuse the player's own request. If the player should offend the demon, the negotiation is broken off and battle resumes.


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