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    Tatsuya Suou

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    The silent protagonist in Persona 2: Innocent Sin and a playable character in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

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    Tatsuya Suou is the silent protagonist of Persona 2: Innocent Sin and a party member in its follow-up, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. He is a student at Seven Sisters High School.

    Persona 2: Innocent Sin


    Tatsuya is the protagonist of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Tatsuya's Personae are Vulcanus and Apollo of the Sun Arcana. After awakening to his Persona and meeting Philemon, Tatsuya and his friends investigate the Joker; a mysterious harlequin-like figure that holds a grudge against them.

    In Innocent Sin, the player can choose who Tatsuya dates. The possible choices include Lisa Silvermen, Maya Amano or Jun Kurosu.

    Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

    Following the events of Innocent Sin, and as part of the requirement to keep Nyarlathotep sealed away, Tatsuya is forced to live in an alternate timeline where his friends have never met each other, nor do they know him. He actively works by himself in order to maintain his distance so that his friends don't risk regaining their memories of their adventures in Innocent Sin.


    Philemon is Tatsuya!
    Philemon is Tatsuya!

    At the end of Innocent Sin, the player has the option to thank Philemon or punch him. If the player chooses to punch him, Tatsuya will knock off his mask, reveling that Philemon bears Tatsuya's appearance. Upon being unmasked, Philemon states, "I am Philemon, a dweller in the rift between consciousness and unconsciousness of all souls... I am you. You are me... I shall always watch over you from within. Farewell..."


    • Tatsuya and Maya are both referenced to in Persona 3 through the Hermit social link. The player meets a woman in the online game Innocent Sin Online, she calls herself Maya and suggests that the player should name himself Tatsuya.
    • The subtitles of both games in the Persona 2 dualogy refer to Tatsuya. His "Innocent Sin" in the first game is his refusal to forget and accept Maya's death, even though he needs to in order to save the others. His "Eternal Punishment" in the second is to live in a world where his closest friends have forgotten each other and him, with him being the only one who remembers the friendship that they once shared.

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