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    The capital city of Japan, Tokyo is located on the east side of Honshu (a Japanese island).

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    Tokyo is the capital city of the nation of Japan. The city, originally known as Edo, was renamed in 1869 during the Meiji Restoration. The kanji that comprise the name "Tokyo" when written in Japanese, 東京, mean "Eastern Capital," as it replaced Kyoto, the nation's original capital city located to the west. However, Edo originally became the capital in 1603 when Ieyasu Tokugawa established the Tokugawa Shogunate, though the emperor continued to reside in Kyoto while the shogunate remained in power.

    Modern Tokyo is a collective of wards and cities, rather than a single large city.


    The Tokyo Game Show, or TGS, is held in Tokyo on a yearly basis, usually in September or October. It is currently the largest video game industry trade show held in Japan on an annual basis.


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