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    Tokyo Game Show

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    Tokyo Game Show or TGS is an annual video game convention held in Chiba, Japan. It is considered a major industry event with considerable media coverage and industry attendance.

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    The Tokyo Game show's first event was in 1996 and was originally held twice a year, but since 2003 the show has only been held once every year. 


    The Tokyo Game Show typically lasts over a 4 day period (Thursday to Sunday) with the first two days being only for journalists and the media, and the last two days being for the general public to have a chance to see and play some of the latest upcoming releases. 

    Giant Bomb and the Tokyo Game Show

    Tokyo Game Show 2008 
    In 2008 Giantbomb's crew - Ryan Davis, Jeff Gerstmann, Brad Shoemaker and Vinny Caravella visited Akihabara , Japan to attend the 2008 Tokyo Game Show event. They produced a special set of bombcasts whilst at the event, talking not only about the games they saw and played, but their trip around Akihabara itself.

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