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Aki is very straightforward. She is highly critical of others and is hard to impress. Aki also has an inferiority complex and tends to over-compensate for it.

Early life

Aki always had trouble mixing with others. She quit school and ran away from home. She was also cutting her wrist.

Kira Kira

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

Aki making a scene in the streets
Aki making a scene in the streets

Shikanosuke and Kirari first met Aki when they were at Osaka. She was making a scene with a man on the street. 2 yakuza men showed up and scared the man away. Kirari invited them to their upcoming performance. She also noticed that Aki wasn't wearing shoes and gave her her shoes. Aki was last seen running away from policemen.

Later, Aki visited the live house to return Kirari's shoes. She delivered the shoes to a member of the staff then stayed to watch the performance. She was inspired by it and decided to delve into the rock music scene. There Aki also met Kirari and she was happy that Aki showed up. Aki later moved to Tokyo to find the Second Literature Club band.

Kirari's normal ending

2 years later, Happy Cycle Mania was looking for a replacement vocalist. Aki recognized Shikanosuke and decided to join them.

3 years later, Murakami revealed that Aki was scouted and was offered a recording contract which she turned down. When Shikanosuke returned with a new song, Aki realized that the song is different from what they usually produced. She asked Murakami about it. She was told about the source of the song and about Kirari's passing. Aki confronted Shikanosuke about it.

Shikanosuke confirmed Murakami information. Aki asked if there was anything she should do to honor Kirari's song and Shikanosuke insisted that she sing it in their usual style. He also encouraged Aki to accept the recording contract. Aki initially disagreed because of her emotional attachment to Happy Cycle Mania. Shikanosuke explained that her talent is far greater than to be stuck with them.

True ending

Murakami started Happy Cycle Mania and included Yashiro. 3 years later, they recruited Aki.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call


After Murakami and Yashiro recruited Miru into Happy Cycle Mania, she was sent to live with Aki. Aki enjoyed Miru's cooking. Aki also visits Yashiro and Mika often and she has a part-time job.

Second Stage

Chapter 1: Zig-Zag Rock'n'Roll Train

After Yashiro quit Happy Cycle Mania, he discovered Aki at his home. She explained that she doesn't like the music company editing her songs. Yashiro pushed Aki to stick to professional music but she didn't agree. Aki also heard that Happy Cycle Mania wasn't doing well and blamed herself but Yashiro insisted that Murakami should re-evaluate his dreams.

Chapter 3: Let's Do It, The Music

When Murakami and Yashiro was auditioning for a vocalist, Aki showed up requesting to return to Happy Cycle Mania. She announced that she had quit her professional career and Murakami demanded that she return because it was her wish to do so. Yashiro suggested finding a way to do both simultaneously.

Chapter 4: We Are Always Rock Crazy

Aki performed with Happy Cycle Mania to celebrate their 5th year anniversary.

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