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Murakami is a large imposing man. People tend to fear him because of his size but he is actually a nice guy. Murakami is terrible at studies and instead is passionate regarding any interest other than studies.

Murakami's parents owns a liquor store. He is free to take drinks from them but he doesn't want to take over his family's business.

Early high school

Murakami formed a tennis pair with Shikanosuke during their first and second years at Ohbi. After Shikanosuke quit the tennis club for the Second Literature Club, Murakami joined the Go club. Unlike Shikanosuke, Murakami was active in the Go club.

Kira Kira


Murakami commented to Shikanosuke that they are less popular after they left the tennis club.

Chapter 1: Anarchy at the School

Murakami volunteered to teach the Second Literature Club about rock music. He explained the history of Punk Rock and played 'God Save the Queen' by the Sex Pistols. Shikanosuke asked for a bass guitar from Murakami. Murakami fished out a guitar from the trash for him. He wrote and misspelled 'Sfender' on the guitar in attempt to make Shikanosuke feel better.

Near the end of June, Shikanosuke and Chie was shopping for a Shure 55SH microphone for Kirari on her birthday. Murakami was shopping for a guitar.

The day before the school festival, Shikanosuke suggested to Murakami to hook up the band's instruments to the school's PA system. Murakami employed the aid of the broadcasting club. Shikanosuke then gave Murakami the signal to activate it when the band played their original song 'Let's Jump'.

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

Near the end of the semester, the visitors of the school festival voted on their favorite feature of the festival. The results were posted and the first place was left blank. Murakami explained that there were teachers in the school who were fans of Punk Rock. He revealed that Sex Pistols did the same thing when their song 'God Save the Queen' attained the first place too.

When the Second Literature Club band went on their tour, Murakami's parents lent them their worn-out van. Murakami also revealed that he started taking guitar lessons from Tonoya.

Kirari's normal ending

On Kirari's normal ending, the brakes of the van malfunctioned and Chie drove the van into the sea. When the band returned, Murakami's parents apologized for the broken van. Several days later, Murakami voiced his wish to form his own band.

Murakami's Happy Cycle Mania outfit
Murakami's Happy Cycle Mania outfit

Soon after Murakami dropped out of school, he formed Happy Cycle Mania. Shikanosuke joined him. 5 years later, their band also included Keita, the drummer, Okaji, the keyboardist, and Aki the vocalist. Keita left their band soon after and was replaced by Jutaro, Murakami's colleague.

Soon after, Shikanosuke passed out from exhaustion and malnutrition. The band activities were put on hold until he recovered.

3 months later, Shikanosuke returned to play his new song, 'Kira Kira'.

Chie's path

On Chie's path, Murakami suggested to play during the school's graduation ceremony. The Second Literature Club band performed along with Murakami and Tonoya.

True ending

On Kirari's true ending, Murakami invited Shikanosuke to his new band but Shikanosuke declined. Murakami later formed Happy Cycle Mania with Yashiro and Aki.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call


Murakami became close friends with Yashiro. One day, they found Miru sleeping outside the train station holding a bass guitar. She explained that she was looking for a career in music and Murakami invited her to Happy Cycle Mania. Miru explained that she has no place to stay and they had her stay with Aki.

First Stage

Chapter 2: I'm a Rock'n'Roller

Happy Cycle Mania was scheduled to perform after Super Rock'n'Rollers. Murakami revealed that he will be one of the judges for the annual band competition. Souta planned to join the competition in the following year and announced that he will defeat both the second Second Literature Club band and Happy Cycle Mania as well.

Chapter 3: Chain Saw

Souta was frustrated that he couldn't win the band competition and he ordered 30 bowls of unadon to Murakami's house. Murakami suspected that it was Souta's doing and called him to his house. Murakami wasn't angry; instead he explained that the unadon was made by a small shop and that they should eat them all to not let them go to waste. Murakami called his friends and they ate all 30 bowls. Souta revealed that he had disbanded Super Rock'n'Rollers and Murakami invited Souta to join Happy Cycle Mania.

Second Stage

Chapter 1: Zig-Zag Rock'n'Roll Train

Tough times
Tough times

2 years later, Happy Cycle Mania wasn't doing too well after Aki left 2 years prior and Murakami was thinking of disbanding the band. Yashiro insisted on pulling through. Murakami later met up with Shikanosuke at the Taishou Restaurant and was jealous of his steady lifestyle. Shikanosuke advised Murakami to follow his own path.

Later during band practice, Murakami couldn't concentrate. Yashiro became infuriated and quit the band. Murakami decided to stay behind and practice with Miru.

Chapter 2: Don't Stop Dreaming

Fateful meeting in the rain
Fateful meeting in the rain

It was raining and Yashiro still hasn't returned. Murakami cancelled their scheduled performance. On the way back home, Murakami met Souta. Souta noted that Murakami looked depressed. Murakami mentioned that they are both similar in that they both lack genuine musical talent. Souta announced that talent was a crutch to success and that he only needs pure hard work. Souta also revealed that he will be reforming Super Rock'n'Rollers and will be leaving Happy Cycle Mania.

Souta reminded Murakami of his initial motivation in forming a band. Jutaro phoned Murakami and requested him to apologize to Yashiro.

Murakami found Miru on the way home and she explained that she had lost her bag which contained her purse, keys, and cell phone. Murakami filed a lost items report to the local police and offered to house her. Miru explained that Murakami had the talent for attracting friends and that he performed best when he takes things one step at a time. Murakami developed feelings for Miru and decided to reinvigorate the band by apologizing to Yashiro first.

Souta met Murakami again and reminded Murakami of his challenge 2 years ago and successfully struck a nerve. Murakami became infuriated and Chie reminded him that anger was the heart of punk rock.

Chapter 3: Let's Do It, The Music

Murakami met Yashiro when Yagihara was planning for Happy Cycle Mania's 5th year anniversary. Murakami begged Yashiro to return to the band. Yagihara explained that the event will be held during the Obon Festival. Souta announced that he had reformed Super Rock'n'Rollers. Yagihara treated everyone to hot pot.

Some time later, Murakami and Yashiro held auditions to look for another vocalist. Aki showed up and requested to join Happy Cycle Mania again, explaining that she doesn't like the professional music scene. Murakami was upset by Aki's lack of determination but Yashiro suggested finding a way to do both indie and professional music. The event was a month away.

Murakami met with Shikanosuke and Chie at the Taishou Restaurant. They congratulated him and revealed that both Kirari and Sarina will be able to attend the event as well. Murakami invited them to perform as the Second Literature Club band.

Chapter 4: We Are Always Rock Crazy

Rock'n'roll is about PASSIONATE HEARTS!
Rock'n'roll is about PASSIONATE HEARTS!

Murakami was happy to see so many friends. Yagihara requested Murakami to give an opening speech to the event. Shikanosuke and Chie requested Murakami to explain the meaning of rock'n'roll. Murakami announced that rock'n'roll was about passionate hearts.

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