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    Pants (a.k.a. trousers) are a type of leg covering.

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    Types of Pants

    Bell Bottoms

    Long and flared in the shape of a bell at the bottom (hence the name), Bell Bottoms were a popular choice in the 1970's.


    These 'pants' were large and billowing, popular around the 1850's to preserve a lady's Victorian dignity while granting freer range of motion than traditional layered petticoats.

    Capri Pants

    Cut off mid calf, these snug-fitting pants, sometimes called flood pants, leave the lower legs exposed. The extra skin exposed makes these pants a summer favorite.


    Corduroy pants, also called cords, are easily identified by their distinctive deep-grooved weave. Heavy and durable, these casual pants are favoured in cool climates.


    Made from durable denim, these pants are known for their rugged appeal. Many Rock Band characters sport this trendy piece of clothing in varying degrees of fad-induced disrepair.


    Leather pants come with many connotations, from the 'I don't just eat the cow, I wear it' look to ' You know you wanna get me out of these'. Also a Rock Band favourite, these pants scream 'I'm hip' a the top of their black and shiny lungs.


    Of Mario fame, these pants (as the name indicates) go over the shirt instead of vice versa.


    Casual, not too trendy, slacks are good for any occasion, matching with a formal shirt and tie or the laid back t-shirt.


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