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An aspiring Pokémon master, Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime, Pokémon Puzzle League video game and the manga Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu. Being the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime TV series, Ash is invariably present in every single episode excepting Pikachu featurettes, Pokémon Chronicles and Mystery Dungeon.

Character Origins

Ash's name in the original Japanese version is Satoshi Taijiri, after the creator of Pokémon. During the process of localisation however, the name was changed to appeal more to western audiences. Satoshi was changed to "Ash", one of the default player names of the hit video game series Pokémon Red/Blue and "Ketchum" a play on words, reflecting the tagline for the show "Gotta catch 'em all!"


Ash and Pikachu
Ash and Pikachu

Ash Ketchum is a young boy from Pallet Town, and the only known son of Deliah Ketchum who lives with a house guardian Mr. Mime.

At the start of the series Ash oversleeps and misses his appointment with Professor Oak to obtain his first Pokémon. As a result all three starter pokémon have been taken, and Ash is left with a "reject" Pikachu, who frequently disobeys and even attacks him. Thus, Ash's first Pokemon becomes none of the three Kanto starter pokémon, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. With his first Pokémon in tow Ash sets out on his quest to obtain all eight Kanto gym badges so he may qualify for the Pokémon League.

At first Ash and Pikachu didn't seem to get along as the cheeky electric type always seemed to deny any request or command from his trainer; however, this changed after a flock of Spearows began chasing the two of them. Seeing Pikachu in danger, Ash bravely attempted to protect Pikachu from the attackers. Pikachu then sees the commitment and courage his trainer had shown, and jumpes towards the Spearows, using a thundershock to take them all out. This marked the beginning of an iconic friendship.

Character Design

Ash Ketchum has a notable facial feature, this being the resemblance of lightning bolts shaped marks on his cheeks.

Character Development

Kanto Region

Ash Ketchum on the original series
Ash Ketchum on the original series

Ash Ketchum is demeanored by some Pokémon Trainers along his journey through the Kanto region, leading case being a reckless Pokémon Trainer whether it be responsibility towards Pokémon or friends.

Many of the Pokémon Trainers reasoned behind their accusations that Ash Ketchum was a de facto novice. Being a character of words, he was overseen as loud mouthed, surmise to assumptions, and arises to a temper of extreme offense due to little or simple points of argument.

He had a driving point of gullibility.

Johto Region

Ash Ketchum acquires some similitude of manners and developed as a character, retaining his same characteristic essence. Ash, still being quick spoken, retained a gain of quieter features to him.

Hoenn Region/Advanced Generation

In the Hoenn Region, recognized as the Advanced Generation series, Ash had still yet many things to learn from the Pokémon world.

In Jirachi Wish Maker, he alludes to having a character relation with a female Pokémon Trainer of extraneous caliber that became a very dear friend to him and later began to miss her presence due to her departure in their journey, showing characteristics of a compassionate friend.


In the Sinnoh Region Ash meets Dawn whose dreams are to become the greatest Pokémon co-ordinator with her starter Pokemon Piplup. The new friends meet up with Ash and Pikachu on Route 202. On their same day of discovery, Ash meets reencounters Brock who comes to the Sinnoh region with his Bonsly.

With Pikachu's help Ash catches a Starly and catches himself a Turtwig. He also finds the meetings with his fellow Pokemon Trainer Paul and starts a saga of rivalry with him.

Character Relations

Throughout their early ventures, Ash and Pikachu met some intriguing characters that will inevitably follow them throughout many of their ventures in the world of Pokémon.



An accidental bump with Misty (Cerulean's gym leader in the video-games, and intermittently in the anime) prompted Ash to borrow Misty's bike, with her consent, in order to get away from all the Spearows.

During the shock that Pikachu emitted, the bike Ash borrowed from Misty suffered irreparable collateral damage.

Initially they stuck together under the premise that Ash had to repay Misty for the damage he had caused to her bike, but they eventually established a great relationship, and the debt to repay Misty a bike was eventually seemingly forgotten.



Ash met Brock, the leader of the Pewter City gym, in Pewter City. They battled and ultimately won, earning his very first Gym Badge. After their battle, Brock decides to set away and leave his role as the Pewter City Gym Leader to join Ash in his Pokémon adventure.

Pokémon owned by Ash

PokemonTitle of episode when caughtStorage or on hand (rotation)
No Caption Provided
PikachuPokemon - I choose you!On hand
No Caption Provided
BulbasaurBulbasaur and the Hidden Village!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
KinglerMystery at the Lighthouse!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
MukSparks fly for Magnemite!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
Tauros (x30)EP035 (Did not aired in the USA)With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
SnorlaxSnack Attack!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
HeracrossA Sappy Ending!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
BayleefThe Chikorita Rescue!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
QuilavaGood 'Quil Hunting!Whit Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
TododileThe Totodile Duel!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
NoctowlFowl Play!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
DonphanExtreme Pokemon! (egg), Hatching a plan! (hatch)With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
SwellowYou Never Can Taillow!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
SceptileTree's a Crowd!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
CorphishGone Corphishn'!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
TorkoalAll Torkoal, No Play!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
GlalieLet it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
StaraptorTwo Degrees of Separation!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
TorterraGettin' Twiggy With It!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
InfernapeSmells Like Team Spirit!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
BuizelTrowing the Track Switch!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
GliscorRiding the Winds of Change!Unknown location
No Caption Provided
GibleGotta Get a Gible!With Professor Oak
No Caption Provided
UnfezantEnter Iris and Axew!Rotation or on hand
No Caption Provided
OshawottA Sandile Gusher of Change!On hand
No Caption Provided
PigniteThe Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!On hand
No Caption Provided
SnivySnivy Plays Hard to Catch!On hand
No Caption Provided
ScraggyHere Comes the Trubbish Squad! (egg), Scraggy-Hatched to be Wild! (hatch)On hand
No Caption Provided
LeavannySewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!Rotation or on hand
No Caption Provided
PalpitoadFacing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!Rotation or on hand
No Caption Provided
BoldoreGotta Catch A RoggenrolaRotation or on hand
No Caption Provided
KrokorokBattling the Bully!Rotation or on hand

Pokémon previously owned (Released)

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Pokémon Traded away

Pokemon Owned by AshPokemonTitle of episode when tradedCharacter Traded To
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
Pokemon Owned by AshPokemonTitle of episode when givenCharacter Traded To
No Caption Provided
Pokemon Owned by AshPokemonTitle of episode when obtainedTitle of episode evolved
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Pokémon Gym Battles

Indigo League

BadgeEpisode TitleGym LeaderEP
Boulder Badge(The Battle of the BadgeBrock of Pewter CityEP005
Cascade Badge(The Water Flowers of Cerulean City ​)Misty of Cerulean CityEP007
Thunder Badge(Electric Shock Showdown)Lt. Surge of Vermilion CityEP014
Marsh Badge(Haunter versus Kadabra)Sabrina of Saffron CityEP024
Rainbow Badge(Pokémon Scent-sation!)Erika of Celadon CityEP026
Soul Badge(The Ninja Poké-Showdown)Koga of Fuchia CityEP032
Volcano Badge(Volcanic Panic)Blaine of Cinnabar IslandEP059
Earth Badge(The Battle of the Badge)Jessie and James of Team Rocket***EP063

*** Team Rocket takes place of Giovanni of Viridian City to take care of ' personal matters'.

Orange League

BadgeEpisode TitleGym LeaderEP
Coral-Eye Badge(Fit to be Tide)CissyEP085
Sea Ruby Badge(Navel Maneuvers)DannyEP093
Spike Shell Badge(Misty Meets Her Match)RudyEP103
Jade Star Badge(Pokémon Double Trouble)LuanaEP108

Johto League

The Johto League hosts the Silver Conference. Ash marks his presence as the top 8 within the Silver Conference.

BadgeEpisode TitleEP
Zephyr Badge(Fighting Flyer with Fire)Falkner of Violet CityEP131
Hive Badge(Gettin' The Bugs Out)Bugsy of Azalea TownEP144
Plain Badge(A Dairy Tale Ending)Whitney of Goldenrod CityEP159
Fog Badge(From Ghost to Ghost)Morty of Ecruteak CityEP182
Storm Badge(Machoke, Machoke Man!)Chuck of Cianwood CityEP209
Mineral Badge(Nerves of Steelix!)Jasmine of Olivine CityEP224
Glacier Badge(Nice Pryce, Baby!)Pryce of Mahogany TownEP239
Rising Badge(Better Eight Than Never)Clair of Blackthorn CityEP254

Hoenn League

BadgeEpisode TitleGym LeaderEP
Stone Badge(The Winner By a Nosepass!)Roxanne of Rustboro CityEP289
Knuckle Badge(Just One of the Geysers)Brawly of Dewford TownEP304
Dynamo Badge(Watt's with Wattson?)Wattson of Mauville CityEP313
Heat Badge(Going, Going, Yawn!)Flannery of Lavaridge TownEP329
Balance Badge(Balance of Power)Norman of Petalburg CityEP343
Feather Badge(Sky High Gym Battle!)Winona of Fortree CityEP358
Mind Badge(Solid as a Solrock)Tate and Liza of Mossdeep CityEP373
Rain Badge(Eight Ain't Enough!)Juan of Sootopolis CityEP384

Pokémon Competitions

Pokémon League CompetitionPosition Slated
Indigo League Conference(Position 16)
Orange Islands(Champion)
Johto League(Position 8)
Hoenn League(Position 8)
Sinnoh League(Position 4)
Pokémon Ribbon CompetitionPosition Slated
TerracottaTied Victory - May
Jubilee City(Position 8)
Wallace Cup(Position 8)

Fun Facts

  • Ash Ketchum's Pokemon party usual has a default structure consisting of Pikachu, the region's starter Pokemon (Grass, Water, Fire), a Flying-type, with the sixth differencing in kind.
  • The Trainer has been able to catch starter Pokemon of the first two generations and the fifth, of the three in the third and fourth generation caught the fire and grass-types.
  • In Pokemon Anime Black and White, it is reported that Ash is still 10 years of age. Even after spending quintessential time back to Viridian City where he received his last badge in Kanto, it was reported that he had already one entire year in journey, with more than 600 episodes, 1 year 365 days, he'd be aging into approximately 13 years.


EnglishAsh Ketchum
FrenchSasha Ketchum

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