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    Poké Ball

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    This object is the key to capturing a Pokémon. It is tossed at a Pokémon which is then forced inside It. Poké Balls come in many different varieties with different effects and catch rates. Just give it a toss and capture that Pokémon!

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    Types of Poke balls

    • Poké ball - 1x catch rate
    • Great ball - 1.5x catch rate
    • Ultra ball - 2x catch rate
    • Master ball - 100 percent catch rate with a few exceptions, usually only 1 is given to the player without completing some skill or luck based challenge per game.
    • Premier ball - Given to you for free after buying at least 10 poke balls. Has a normal catch rate, but an inverted color scheme.
    • Luxury ball - Normal catch rate, but pokémon caught with it will like you better.
    • Net ball - 3x catch rate on Water or Bug-type pokémon.
    • Dive ball - 3.5x catch rate if used while underwater or (in all games other than Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) used while surfing or fishing.
    • Nest ball - The lower a pokémon's level, the higher the catch rate with this ball up to a maximum of 3x if used on a pokémon below level 19.
    • Repeat ball - 3x catch rate if you have already caught that type of pokémon.
    • Timer ball - Catch rate increases by 1x every 10 turns a battle takes place up to a maximum of 4x.
    • Quick ball - 4x catch rate if used within the first 5 turns in a battle, after that the rate decreases by 1x every 5 turns until it hits 1x catch rate.
    • Dusk ball - 3.5x catch rate at night or while in a cave.
    • Heal ball - Normal catch rate, but fully heals a pokémon that you catch with it if you have space in your party.
    • Level ball - Catch rate increases the higher your pokémon's level is in comparison to the wild pokemon, up to a maximum of 8x when your pokémon's level is 4 times that of the wild pokémon. Made from a red apricorn.
    • Lure ball - 3x catch rate if used while fishing. Made from a blue apricorn.
    • Moon ball - 4x catch rate if used on a pokémon that evolves because of a moon stone (the Nidoran, Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Skitty families). Made from a yellow apricorn.
    • Friend ball - Like the Luxury ball, it has a normal catch rate but makes the captured pokémon friendlier. Made from a green apricorn
    • Love ball - 8x catch rate if used on a pokémon of an opposite gender to yours. Made from a pink apricorn.
    • Heavy ball - Catch rate increases the heavier the wild pokémon is up to a maximum of 40 to the catch rate if the pokemon is over 903 lbs. Made from a black apricorn.
    • Fast ball - 4x catch rate if used on a pokémon that runs away from battle (In Gold/Silver/Crystal) or has a base speed of 100 or more (HeartGold/SoulSilver). Made from a white apricorn.
    • Sport ball - The only Poké balls used in the bug catching contest. Has the same catch rate as a great ball.
    • Safari ball - The only Poké balls used while in the Safari Zone. Has the same catch rate as a great ball.
    • Park ball - The only Poké balls used while in the Pal Park. Like the Master Ball, it has a 100 percent catch rate.
    • Cherish ball - A special Poké ball that event pokémon are given away in. This Poké ball cannot be legitimately used by the player.

    Some of the kinds of pokéballs will not appear in the older pokémon games. For instance, Red , Blue, and Yellow only contain the first 4 kinds plus the safari ball.

    Poké balls in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Pokéballs are items that have been in all three Super Smash Bros. games so far. When thrown, a random Pokémon will be summoned into battle. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl there are 31

    Pokémon in total that can be summoned from Pokéballs, 16 of which have been in previous Super Smash Bros. games and 15 which are brand new to Brawl.

    • Bellossom - Bellossom creates a cloud of powder around itself. If a player comes into contact with this cloud their character will be put to sleep.
    • Bonsly - Bonsly walks around the stage and can be picked up by a player. This player can then use it as a weapon to attack other players. It can cause players to be knocked from the stage with as little as 50% damage.
    • Celebi - Trophies are dropped by Celebi
    • Chikorita - Leaves shoot out from Chikorita's head. These leaves travel in a strait line, and will damage anyone they hit.
    • Deoxys- Deoxys will fly up, and send a beam of white energy downwards. Anyone who touches this will be sent flying.
    • Electrode - Will glow red, and turn darker and darker until it explodes, damaging anyone in the explosion area. Occasionally it will not explode, and can be picked up by players and be thrown. On even rarer occasions, it will appear not to explode, but then explode a few seconds later.
    • Entei - Shoots our fire, doing approximately 70% damage to anyone who gets hit by it.
    • Gardevoir- Walks around the stage creating a circular barrier. Projectiles will not penetrate this barrier, but players can freely walk in and out of the barrier.
    • Goldeen - Goldeen will flip flop around the stage. It is completely harmless.
    • Groudon- Groudon is extremely large, and will damage anyone who touches him, although he does not move around.
    • Gulpin- The player will be swallowed by Gulpin if they go near it, causing damage. They will be spit out a few seconds later.
    • Ho-oh - Flies into the sky to the back of the stage, and shoots fire at the players.
    • Jirachi - Drops some stickers and flies away.
    • Kyogre - Will shoot water, which causes no damage, while flying around the screen, but causes damage by touching players.
    • Latias - Disappears off the side of the screen, then zooms backwards and forwards, causing damage to anyone in the way.
    • Latios - Disappears off the side of the screen, then zooms backwards and forwards, causing damage to anyone in the way.
    • Lugia - Flys to the background before releasing a very powerful AeroBlast that can kill even low damage characters.
    • Manaphy - Swaps the players characters.
    • Meowth - Throws coins at the players.
    • Metagross - Slams onto the ground causing a shockwave that will damage anyone on the ground.
    • Mew - Drops collectibles.
    • Moltres - Flies around the screen causing lots of damage to anyone it touches.
    • Munchlax - Walks around the stage, eating any items apart from pokéballs
    • Piplup - Surfs arround the stage. If a player gets hit by the wave they will be washed away
    • Snorlax - Jumps up and off the screen, before increasing in size and falling down, damaging anyone in his way.
    • Staryu - Flies arround searching for a player. When it finds a player it will fire projectiles at them, doing damage.
    • Suicune - Shoots an icebeam at players causing damage.
    • Togepi - Will randomly do one of five effects: 1. Plants a flower in the head of a nearby character which will gradually cause damage. 2. Fires an ice blast that freezes players, and causes some damage. 3. Shakes the ground causing damage, and characters near the Togepi will become lodged in the ground. 4. Puts characters to sleep using a powder. 5. Creates a black smoke, imparing players vision, however this does not affect computer characters.
    • Torchic - Jumps up and down doing a fire attack.
    • Weavile - Attacks players, causing only a small amount of damage, but stuns anyone hit.
    • Wobbuffet - Moves back and forth when a player or item hits him. While moving, will cause damage if he comes into contact with someone.

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