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    Misty is The Cerulean City Gym Leader. Her title is "The Tomboyish Mermaid".

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    Misty wants to become the world's best water Pokémon trainer, eventually in the show she leaves Ash and Brock to take over her sister's gym.

    In the Pokémon games, Misty is the Gym Leader of Cerulean City. She uses water Pokémon.


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    Misty is the principle Gym Leader of Cerulean City and heavily specializes in Water-based Pokémon. Combating her original team to a closing defeat with the given Pokémon Trainer, known as Red, she returns to her camaraderie post in the second order of the Kanto Region.

    Because of the Gym Leader's flaring aggressive nature and her fluid style of taking on situations, she is titled by those beknownst of her as the sea faring jewel; "The Tomboyish Mermaid".

    She is well recognized as being very well outspoken with an ambitious spirit of a true Pokémon Trainer, which at times is very much astounded when in the position of defeat.

    As a fierce competitor, she has herself in spare time meet regularly with the trainers of Seafoam Islands, with a given liking of improving upon her skills along the way.

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    The young athletic flower of Cerulean, taken she has her special given days, shares a far-off scenery in a romantic escapade at Cape Cerulean with a particular boy from the Kanto Region, flourishing her relationship with the boy of interest.

    In addition to her aspiring dreams of being the strongest Gym Leader known, it is her life long wish to emulate her idol, the Sevii Islands' resider and fine member of the Elite Four residing in the Kanto; Lorelei. At best she wishes to exceed with the best of Trainers, hoping to encounter on her journey with the toughest of adventurists.

    Misty has had the grand pleasure of embarking her own journey with the strongest of Trainers, such as Ethan/Kris/Lyra from the Johto region, which have each equaly matched wits with Misty in battle.

    After Ethan/Kris/Lyra has participated in the competing Johto battles in the Gold/Silver adventure, the trainers must venture off their travels, once situated in Johto region, to encounter the Water Pokemon trainer ever to come closer.


    • Winner of the Queen of the Princess Day Festival Contest.
    • Champion of Alto Mare Canal Race.
    • Champion of the Seaking Catching Day competition.
    • Ranked top 8 Whirl Cup competition contender.
    • Runner-up of the Swimsuit Beauty Pageant in Beauty and the Beach.
    • Torch Runner in Indigo League Conference.
    • Gym Leader of Cerulean City.

    Battle Stats

    Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen

    Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal

    Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

    Gym Battle

    • Golduck - Lv. 49
    • Quagsire - Lv. 49
    • Lapras - Lv. 52
    • Starmie - Lv. 54

    Rematch Battle


    Pokemon owned on the Anime

    Misty holding her Poke' balls.
    Misty holding her Poke' balls.

    This Pokemon are with her at the gym:


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