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    Max is a young boy from the Pokémon anime, and one of the traveling companions of Ash. He is based from the school kid sprite from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

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    Max is the only main character thus far who was not a Pokémon Trainer; he did not own any Pokémon during the entire Advanced Generation series.

    He is the son of the Petalbug Gym Leader Norman and Caroline, who is his mother. May is his older sister. He made his debut on Season 6 (Advanced Generation Series), which took place in the Hoenn region. Max and his sister May join Ash and Brock on their journey.

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    He was seven years old when the series started. He didn't catch any Pokemon, but he made friends with different Pokémon like Jirachi, Deoxys, Poochyena and others.

    Currently he is in his house helping his parents.


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