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The player controls and trainer who may choose up to 6 Pokemon ether from the in game menu, or rather upload them from the Nintendo DS version of their Pokemon game.

Pokemon Battle Revolution features 11 different colosseums in the land of Poketopia as well as stadiums that each have special effects on your battle. The player can customize their Trainer with different hats, shirts, glasses, and other apparel. This Trainer can be used in game and over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. A key difference from previous titles is an absence of mini-games. A large difference from previous Pokemon console battle titles is in the animations. In this title when the Trainer orders a pokemon to attack the animation shows physical contact with the enemy pokemon.

The player can also earn Poke Coupons in battle mode and use them in the Shop. In the Shop the player can buy gear and mystery gifts. The gear consists of hats, pants, shirts, bags, badges, glasses, hair colors, eye colors, shoes, and gloves which can be used to alter the player's Trainer's appearance. Special gifts can also be sent unlimited to the DS version of a pokemon game, but only one gift per DS pokemon save file.


Each colosseum has special changes, prerequisites, or normal play and has a Colosseum Leader/Master.

  • Gateway Colosseum

Trade Battle, led by Colosseum Master Joe

  • Main Street Colosseum

Knockout Battle, led by Colosseum Leader Taylor

  • Waterfall Colosseum

Team Battle, led by Colosseum Leader Marina

  • Neon Colosseum

Fortune Battle, led by Colosseum Leader Rosie

  • Crystal Colosseum

Tournament Battle, led by Colosseum Leader Voldon

  • Sunny Park Colosseum

Little Battle, led by Colosseum Master Sashay

  • Magma Colosseum

League Battle, led by Colosseum Leader Terrell

  • Sunset Colosseum

Select Battle, led by Colosseum Leader Dusty

  • Courtyard Colosseum

Survival Battle, led by Colosseum Master Kruger

  • Stargazer Colosseum

Masters Battle, led by Colosseum Master Mysterial

  • Lagoon Colosseum

Bonus Pokemon

When the player beats Master Mysterial for the first time, a pikachu will become available for download to the DS version of the pokemon games. The version of the games include Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. The special pikachu is available in the shop and can be sent unlimited amount of times but only once per DS save file.

The player can also unlock 2 other pokemon, Electivire and Magmortar. The player is required to enter a specific code at the "Self-Introduction" option in the Profile menu.

Legendary Pokemon Banning

With a lack of rules and controls in the online multiplayer function players who had "Legendary" pokemon had an unfair advantage over other players. Nintendo normally has tournament rules in places which would ban these pokemon but didn't initially implement these rules in Pokemon Battle Revolution. But on July 3rd, 2007 the rules changed to ban these pokemon. But for some reason the ban has recently been lifted and Legendary Pokemon are allowed once again in online play.

Similar problems have occurred in other Pokemon titles and Nintendo stated the ban is "technically difficult".


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