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    Rise 2: Resurrection

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1996

    A sequel to the infamous sci-fi fighting game Rise of the Robots, revamping the original's gameplay while adding a variety of new robotic combatants to fight with.

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    Rise 2: Resurrection (sometimes known as Resurrection: Rise 2, known in Japan as Rise of the Robots 2) is a 2D sci-fi fighting game developed by Mirage and published by Acclaim for the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and MS-DOS PCs throughout 1996.

    A sequel to the 1994 game Rise of the Robots, Rise 2 builds on the original's theme and use of 3D pre-rendered graphics with a revamped game engine (making it more like a traditional six-button fighting game) and a variety of robotic combatants (with 18 playable characters and 11 hidden opponents). It also features a finishing move system similar to the Mortal Kombat series and includes a unique system for choosing player colors (where all combatants use few colors and players slowly cycle through the color tint).

    The game's story diverts from the original game's ending, with the game's protagonist (the combat cyborg "Coton") failing in his mission and instead being assimilated by the nanomorph Supervisor (who uses fragments of his consciousness to improve herself and her robot army). Electrocorp decides to release their own computer virus to counter the Supervisor's, causing the Supervisor's minions to malfunction and wage war on each-other. While the Supervisor's robot army causes chaos in the Electrocorp facility, Coton himself uploads his consciousness to another robot to continue his mission.

    Similar to the previous game, advertising material hyped in-game music by rock guitarist Brian May (of Queen fame). While most of the game's soundtrack is also done in-house, the game's theme ("Cyborg") was composed for the game by May. This song was later included in his 1998 album Another World.

    The PC version was later re-released as Rise 2: Resurrection - Director's Cut in September 1996, updating the game to add two additional hidden characters and additional backgrounds while including various goodies on a bonus CD (including a making-of video).


    The game includes 18 playable characters from the start, a boss character, and 10 hidden opponents (some of which can be unlocked with a cheat code). Many of the hidden characters (and some of the playable characters) are alternate versions of other characters (with altered graphics and new abilities). The Director's Cut version adds 2 additional hidden boss characters, for a total of 31 characters.

    All characters from the original game (Cyborg, Loader, Prim 8, Crusher, War, Rook, and Supervisor) make a return with updated graphics and new attacks.

    • Cyborg - The game's main protagonist. Has two alternate versions: Necroborg and Anil 8, with the latter being a hidden sub-boss.
    • Loader - Has two alternate versions: Lockjaw and Ard One, with the latter being a hidden sub-boss.
    • Prime 8 - Known in the original game as Builder. Its alternate version is Griller.
    • Crusher - Its alternate version is Vandal.
    • War - Known in the original game as Military. Its alternate version is Salvo.
    • Rook - Known in the original game as Sentry. It has two alternate versions as hidden sub-bosses: Assault and Sane. Assault is playable with a cheat code.
    • Chromax - It has an alternate version as a hidden sub-boss in the Director's Cut version, known as Bunnyrabbit.
    • Deadlift - It has an alternate version as a hidden sub-boss, known as Rack.
    • Detain
    • Insane
    • Steppenwolf - It has two alternate version as hidden sub-bosses: Vitriol and Sheepman, with the latter being exclusive to the Director's Cut.
    • Suikwan - It has an alternate version as a hidden sub-boss, known as Suppressor.
    • V1-Hyper - It has an alternate version as a hidden sub-boss, known as Naden.
    • Supervisor - The game's main antagonist and a nanomorph who became sentient due to a computer virus and began amassing a robot army. The game's final boss, it is playable with a cheat code.
    • Mayhem - The Supervisor's second-in-command and a hulking humanoid who dual-wields axes. A hidden sub-boss and a nod to Brian May, Mayhem is fought on top of a large electric guitar and uses guitar riffs in its vocals. It is playable with a cheat code.

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