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PlayStation Collection

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The original PlayStation might be my favorite console. Just so many great memories. It was the first system that I got earlier than Christmas. A couple weeks after launch I was engrossed in NFL GameDay, Ridge Racer, and of course Mortal Kombat 3.

In 1997, I received a package in the mail from Sony. It was the first issue of PlayStation Underground. The concept of a CD magazine with playable demos of games that weren't out yet and tons of video content was an amazing thing at the time. You have to remember that in 1997, the Internet was still pretty new, and you certainly couldn't just log on and go watch trailers of stuff whenever you wanted, much less download demos. I thought Underground was so cool, that I put together a small website dedicated to it (I had been teaching myself HTML). While trying to get people to check it out in an AOL chat room, I got an IM from someone claiming to be the producer of the project. Obviously I didn't believe him, but it turned out to be true. After talking to him online for a while, Gary Barth invited me to E3 after he found out I lived near Atlanta.

So, I was 16 years old and at E3 wearing a badge that listed my occupation/company as "PLAYSTATION OWNER." Gary told me that if anyone asked about my age, tell them I won a contest. The camera crew filmed my friend and I checking out all the new PlayStation games, and we then appeared in Issue #3 of the mag. That was the first of 10 consecutive years I went to E3.

The moral of the story here? Whenever you get a new console, fill out that registration form. If I hadn't done that with my PlayStation, I would've never received that first copy of Underground and probably never gone to E3.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Sony PlayStation (complete w/box)
  • Sony PSone (complete w/box)
  • Asciiware Ascii Pad PSS
  • Interact Game Shark Video Game Enhancer (complete w/box)
  • Sony PS Dual Analog Controller (complete w/box)
  • Sony PS Controller
  • Sony PS DualShock Analog Controller (complete w/box)
  • Sony PS Memory Card
  • Sony PSone AC Adapter
  • Sony PSone Car Adapter
  • Sony PSone Dual Shock Analog Controller
  • Sony PSone LCD Screen

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