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    Porsche Challenge

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 30, 1997

    Get behind the wheel of the famous Boxster in this Porsche licensed racer from Sony's Team io.

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    Considered to to be a simulation racer at the time of its release and largely received as middle-of-the-road in comparison to the time's big names (Need for Speed and Ridge Racer), Porsche Challenge is an officially licensed racing game from Sony's Team io (now SCE London Studio). The game sold well in the UK but there was never a sequel; this could be due to the release of another Sony developed simulation game, Gran Turismo. It was released six months later and though it did not feature any Porches at all met with massive success.

    Game Modes & Race Tracks

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    There are four tracks in Porsche Challenge and each changes from one game mode to another.

    1. USA
    2. Alpine
    3. Japan
    4. Stuttgart (Porsche's official testing track)


    A straightforward race mode where all the tracks are very short and have only path.


    Here the racetrack will change from lap to lap slightly, with barricades disappearing and short cuts becoming available at different times.


    Similar to the above but here the rate of change is random, extremely fast and tracks can become suddenly mirrored, show new routes and so on. These tracks can be very long.


    The game also has standard Practice, Time Trial (Ghost) and two-player splitscreen.


    At the beginning of a new game, players are asked to select a character. All of them own a Porsche Boxster. However, they like or dislike each other. The drivers they like might help them, and the drivers they do not like may try to hinder them.

    BeatsUnited KingdomDisc Jockey
    DanUnited States of AmericaKickboxer
    Driver XUnknownTest Driver

    To unlock Driver X and his all black Boxster, you had to either enter a cheat code, or complete all the championships on the hardest difficulty. He is the best driver in the game and he's liked by all the rivals. This made the game pretty easy, even on the hardest difficulty...


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