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    Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 12, 1996

    After dining on Kilrathi and scrambled eggs, Colonel Christopher Blair is recalled into active service to help defend the Confederation from a mysterious new enemy in this star-studded FMV space combat simulator from Origin.

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    Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom is a 1996 space flight simulation game, developed by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts. It is the final chapter of the original Wing Commander series. Like its predecessor, it featured full-motion video starring Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell and John Rhys-Davies. These sequences were filmed using real sets instead of the blue-screen techniques used in the previous game. As a result, at the time of its release, Wing Commander IV was considered to be the most expensive video game ever made.


    Blair gets into a bar fight
    Blair gets into a bar fight

    The War with the Kilrathi Empire is finally over. Peace has at long last come to the Terran Confederation. Things are not all well though. Tensions are higher than ever between the Border Worlds and the Inner Worlds of the Confederation. An open attack on a Medical transport by unknown fighters occurs with a bizarre new anti-ship weapon being used to destroy everything in the general vicinity.

    The "savior" of the Confederation, Christopher Blair, is trying to live out his life as a farmer on a desert world. An "old friend" from the Kilrathi war, Todd "Maniac" Marshall, soon comes with good news for him: He's been recalled to active military duty by order of Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn himself. Maniac is unfortunately unable to share many details about the recall order. However, Blair soon realizes what he's in for when the space station the two head towards comes under attack. The attacking fighter in question claims allegiance to the "Union of Border Worlds" and takes off.


    Confederation Pilots

    Many of the characters from the third game make a return.
    Many of the characters from the third game make a return.
    • Colonel Christopher "Maverick" Blair : the main character and hero of the Kilrathi War. Played by Mark Hamill.
    • Major Todd "Maniac" Marshall: A cocky and unpredictable veteran of the Kilrathi War who has flown with Blair since his days on the Tiger's Claw. Played by Tom Wilson of Back to the Future fame.
    • Lieutenant Winston "Vagabond" Chang: Another veteran of the Kilrathi War who is rarely seen without a deck of cards in his hands. Played by Francois Chau.
    • Lieutenant Troy "Catscratch" Carter: A young pilot who shows hero worship towards Blair. Played by Mark Dacascos.
    • "Seether": The best of the Genetic Enhancement Program, now known as Black Lance. His real name is never revealed and he serves as an adversary of Blair's. Played by Robert Rusler.

    Confederation Personnel

    • Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn: A charismatic Admiral who feels that the human race must always be at war. Played by Malcolm McDowell.
      Malcolm McDowell returns as Admiral Tolwyn
      Malcolm McDowell returns as Admiral Tolwyn
    • Captain William Eisen: The former commander of Blair, Maniac and Vagabond during the Kilrathi War. He is the captain of the Lexington. Played by the late Jason Bernard.
    • Brigadier General James "Paladin" Taggert: A former comrade and wingmate of Blair's who now serves as a Senator on the Confederation Assembly. Played by John Rhys-Davies.
    • Captain Hugh Paulson: Part of the conspiracy against the Confederation, he was briefly the Captain of the Lexington before he was killed by Seether. Played by John Spencer.

    Border Worlds Pilots

    • Colonel Jacob "Hawk" Manley: A fellow TCS Tiger's Claw veteran who serves as the voice of decisive, aggressive action. Played by Chris Mulkey.
    • Colonel Tamara "Panther" Farnsworth: A veteran of the Kilrathi War who is more of a pacifist than Hawk. Played by Elizabeth Barondes.

    Border Worlds Personnel

    Pilers can improve and upgrade your fighter in various ways
    Pilers can improve and upgrade your fighter in various ways
    • Chief Technician Robert "Pilers" Skyes: An old man who loves his work and does his best to improve the various fighter craft. Played by Richard Riehle.
    • Lieutenant Velina Sosa: A pleasant woman who serves aboard the Intrepid and is seemingly untouched by the ongoing War. Played by Holly Gagnier.
    • Vice Admiral Eugene Wilford: A Kilrathi War veteran who has lived in the Border Worlds for all of his life. Played by Peter Jason.
    • Lieutenant Colonel John "Gash" Dekker: A man who managed the rare feat of escaping a Kilrathi POW camp. Played by Jeremy Roberts.

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