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    Christopher "Maverick" Blair

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    The main character in the Wing Commander series. Christopher Blair is the most decorated fighter pilot in Confed history, the 11th greatest ace of the Kilrathi conflict*, holder of the all-time record for Kilrathi ace kills, and universally hailed as the "Savior of the Confederation."

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    Blair is portrayed by Mark Hamill in Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger, Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom and Wing Commander: Prophecy.  In the box office flop Wing Commander full-length movie he is portrayed by the then-popular actor Freddie Prinze Jr. 
    He is an ace pilot responsible for ending the Kilrathi-Human conflict in Wing Commander 3. In Wing Commander 4, he struggles with loyalty issues as post-war political alliances shift and new enemies emerge. He ends up uncovering and stopping the use of a secret bio-weapon. 
    He maintains a love-hate rivalry with fellow pilot " Maniac".


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