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    Armed forces. The arm of government that deals with fighting wars and protecting a nation from external or internal threats

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    The military is an army that's linked to a country and authorized by this country to use force. They're well organized and trained. 

    Different roles of the military

    -The military is used for national security. They're ready to intervene at any time to protect the nation

    -The military may be used for invasions. A strong military power can easily move its army and invade other countries.

    -A country with a strong military power discourages other countries to attack it.

    What makes the military

    Different things make for a powerful military. First of all a good army. This is key to any kind of military. They must be well equipped and trained. Which takes us to the second point: excellent equipment. A military without firepower is worthless. Tanks, missiles, technology, all this comes into play. Lastly the most powerful weapon ever developed: the nuclear bomb.


    A private military corporation (PMC) is a military force that is independent of any government and work on a smaller scale. They're basically soldiers for hire and may also be referred to as mercenaries. They may work for the government or for private firms. 

    In video games

     Call of Duty is no stranger is using military forces.
     Call of Duty is no stranger is using military forces.
    The military have always been present in video games. Some games may have you playing as a soldier in an army, others may have you fighting against PMCs. What has become increasingly popular are modern day military shooters such as Modern Warfare. Military squad based shooters ask for precision and team work like a real military force. You often play as a soldier in the British or American military and use real weapons and technology from these armies.

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