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    An airplane is a heavier-than-air craft whose lift is generated by airflow over the wings creating a strong pressure difference. In video games, airplanes are used for travel and as a type of weaponry.

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    Since the first human walked on this world, we have longed to fly like the birds. Over the centuries, countless inventors and lunatics alike tried to fly using anything available. From wings made from real bird feathers to complicated articulated flaps, nothing seemed to work. At best, the user would float down gently. More commonly however, the person attempting to fly would most likely end up face down in a small impact crater.  It would only be during the Industrial Revolution that the concept and engineering of flight really "took off" so to speak. It was during this time in fact that the first airplane was built by the inventive Wright Brothers. While the airplane built by the Wrights only could fly a few feet above the ground and only for a few seconds, it proved that the design worked and countless other aviation fanatics began to copy and improve the Wright design. Up to and leading into the First World War, aircraft were still only in their infancy yet they would prove to be excellent weapons of war.

    While all but a few WW1 Generals supported airplanes, the ones who did were met with great success. The Battle of Tannenburg on the Eastern Front proved that a much smaller army with good aerial reconnaissance could defeat a numerically but less informed opposing army. Almost immediately following the battle, the use of recon aircraft exploded into popularity. While early airmen waved or smiled at each other, soon, they began to shoot and throw bricks. Once machine guns were mounted on the aircraft however, they truly became killing machines. Dogfights soon raged over the Western Front, fought by famous aces like Baron von Richtofen (the Red Baron) and Billy Bishop.

    Airplane technology advanced even mored during the inter war and World War 2 periods. Bi planes were replaced by pressurized, monoplaned, heavily armed and armored flying WAR machines. Countless battles during the Second World War would have had much different  outcomes or simply wouldn't have happened at all without such aircraft. The Germans even managed to create jet aircraft which easily outclassed anything else of the period. Over the last 60 years, airplanes have come leaps and bounds into the future. Planes like the F-22 and SU-47 are pushing the very limits of aviation technology.

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