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General Info

Aircraft Carrier's are used to transport and deploy aircraft on a floating platform capable of traveling. The Aircraft Carrier has become a symbol of naval power and has been featured in many games. The carrier can be considered a seafaring air base. An Aircraft Carrier can carry a plethora of airplane for many purposes.


The Aircraft Carrier was first invented in the form of a "Balloon Carrier" in which the boat was held afloat using a series of balloons. In the 1920's the design was further refined creating sea craft more akin to what we see today.

World War II was the first time the Aircraft Carrier saw extensive use. Lacking firepower the Aircraft Carrier was often escorted by a number of other ships. Since World War II the design of the Aircraft Carrier has been improved allowing for more airplanes to be carried.

Flight Deck

The flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier is built with extreme science. Wind, length and other factors must all be considered. Landing is accomplished by using "tail hooks" which attach to an airplane upon landing thus slowing it down. Flight decks can also be used to speed the aircraft up to the required levels.

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