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Types of Missiles

Homing Missile

Homing missiles are missiles that can track or "home in" on a specific target, whether it be moving or stationary. Homing missiles work in many different ways. Some are heat-seeking, in which case the missile finds an object that has the highest temperature. Heat-seeking missiles are generally used for things like aircraft where the heat from the jets gives the missile it's target. Since their aren't many things that are hotter than the jets of a plane, this missile will stay on target until it explodes, runs out of fuel, or if there is a bug in the computer system that controls it. Some of the more advanced homing missiles track their targets using GPS. These advanced missiles are extremely useful as they can track specific moving targets from thousands of miles away. This is one of the more effective ways to destroy certain targets as the chances for the target's escape are slim. Homing missiles have computers built into them which uses different calculations to adjust things like the trajectory and speed of the missile, depending on the circumstances. Many, if not all modern homing missiles have a manual self-destruct feature, in case something goes wrong and the targeted object is not supposed to be destroyed. This allows the missile to explode in the air/atmosphere to cause little to no damage.

Short Range Missiles

Short range missiles are generally used to destroy nearby vehicles like cars, trucks, helicopters, and tanks. These missiles can vary greatly, some can simply fire straight like bazooka's and RPG's, and some can be homing missiles like from the Javelin. These missiles are generally a lot smaller than long range missiles with a much shorter blast radius. However, these missiles are allowed to be small since the targets are generally vehicles, not things like buildings. There are also differences in the type of short range missiles. There are missiles that are made specifically for taking out tanks, as well as missiles that are more anti-personal. 
A Javelin being fired
A Javelin being fired

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