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    Air Strike

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    Common in modern war video games, air strikes are usually used to take out large targets such as enemy vehicles or buildings. Laser designators are often used by the player to illuminate the target for a massive aerial attack.

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    An air strike is an aerial assault on a ground target, most often with missiles or bombs launched from a military aircraft. Ordinance of an airstrike can vary from conventional bombs, to incendiaries such as napalm, to nuclear bombs. Troops positioned on the ground may be tasked with identifying the coordinates of a potential air strike target. A variety of methods have been employed to mark such targets, such as calling in the coordinates over a radio, marking the area with signal flares or using a laser designator. In video games, players may be tasked with either marking a target and calling for a strike, conducting the strike themselves by flying the aircraft and attacking, or defending against an airstrike by using antiaircraft weapons to down the attackers before they can do too much damage.


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