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    Death From Above

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    A type of technique in killing opponents in games through a vertical takedown with high risks and high satisfaction. First practised in the Mechwarrior franchise. Can also mean the usage of weaponry to rain devastation and mass death.

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    The risky technique of killing an enemy using the Death From Above move usually requires the player to attack the enemy from above such as in the case in the Mechwarrior franchise, which required the player to use his jump jets to get to a great height and land on top of the enemy. The attack must be singularly be powerful enough to kill or dish out high damage in a single attempt and in the case of Mechwarrior, the mech would critically damage the enemy's cockpit ensuring a kill in one stroke. However accompanied with the high payouts, a high risk is involved  if the player misses to meet his target and it would usually end up putting the player at a disadvantageous situation where he is unable to react quickly enough to get away in most occurances. An example of this in the Mechwarrior games was that if the player had missed to meet his mark, he would damage his mech's leg componenets to a point where he would be crippled  due to the sheer inertia brought about by the weight of the mech when it hits the ground. Thus a high amount of skill is required to pull off such a technique in Mechwarrior whilst in FPS games, they would usually cause the person to maybe suffer not as much damage from the fall depending on the height of the drop making such a technique not as risky.

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