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Things that I find amusing or like.

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  • The sexy son of a ship that Commander Shepard gains control of in Mass Effect. It looks awesome, doesn't it?

  • Pew pew!

  • Cooperative play! There's nothing better than blowing heads off with your best friend!

  • Ninjas: because, seriously, they pwn pirates or vampires.

  • Ain't nothing cooler than dodging at a rate slower than a snail? And seeing those bullets barely miss your package of manhood by mere millimeters?

  • It's EXP! OMG! It's the stuff that makes you go from n00b to pr0 in every RPG!

  • Boom, boom, BOOM! SUPA-WEAPON! WOOT! Massive collateral damage with the push of the red button!

  • Because you aren't God, so he invented this for us sight-using people. Because we can't see through walls or above that 2-foot-tall hill to the right of your soldiers.

  • Because nothing's cooler than a gun that can rip people to shreds at high velocity!

  • Big, big mechs! The staple of Japanese animes and massive collateral damage!

  • Because sometimes, your legs just can't do the job. So let your weapons do it for ya!

  • It's our great holy home planet! CHERISH IT!

  • If it's not happening on Earth, it's happening somewhere out here on the Final Frontier!

  • Without this country, Microsoft would have no competition, because there'd be no Nintendo or Sony! It's also where ANIME comes from! Yeah!

  • The most (in)famous location in World War 2. A thousand unsung songs are made for this every day with every WW2 game that's made.

  • A weapon built to kill a parasitic life-form's food? How stupid. Maybe they should have gotten smart and tried to make something that killed the parasites instead. Otherwise, it's a nice vacation spot.

  • Top secret research facility which spawned the alien threat upon the world? Sounds like a cool place to visit.

  • The irradiated city located close the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It's inhabitants were killed when the reactor exploded. Even though it has been close to 30 years already, life is only beginning to return here.

    And guess what? It makes for some pretty good game locations. No game does it better than S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

  • The massive alien space station guarded by a coalition fleet that would take a hell of a lot of ships to invade. The headquarters for the Citadel Council in the game Mass Effect.

  • Ravenholm. It's a place no one goes to. Why? Because it was raided with headcrab rockets and all save one of it's citizens had been zombified.

  • Ah, Cyrodiil. The Imperial home province in the Elder Scrolls series, and the setting in Oblivion. It's a lush, green land that houses several cities. The sunsets are also gorgeous. If it was real, I'd probably recommend it as another vacation spot.

  • The gun that literally invented the headshot. Nothing cooler than that, right?

  • Swords: the pinnacle of every RPG and MMO. If a series that was famous for it's swords was to suddenly remove swords... what would happen? The world may never know, because no one's stupid enough to do that yet.

  • Tanks! No modern war is complete without them!

    As the Panzers in Company of Heroes said: "Should we shoot them or crush them?"

  • There ain't a single thing in the world that makes a bigger boom, better!

  • Potions: the thing that keeps you alive in RPG! If only the real world used these...

  • This flat piece of metal is the only thing standing between you and a hail of arrows, fireballs, or anything that's a projectile. Unfortunately, that means everything. And the shield can't block a giant mace.

  • These "cans of fun" often are differently colored and respectively have different surprises! Just don't use the one that says "Fragmentation Grenade"

  • Gold! It's what makes the MMO economy go 'round!