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    Earth is a rocky planet orbiting the Sun, and the homeworld of Humanity. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy defines Earth as "mostly harmless."

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    Earth is a relatively small planet orbiting its primary sun, Sol, at a distance of about 150 million kilometres, in the unfashionable end of the eastern spiral arm of the galaxy. It completes a single orbit in about 365 days, and it completes a rotation about its axis once every 24 hours. Its surface is 71% covered in saltwater oceans, and it's tilted at 23.4 degrees away from the plane of its orbit. With a mass of 6*10^24 kilograms and a radius of about 6,400,000 meters, Earth holds an oblate spheroid shape. The planet's revolution around the sun displaces it over 50 million kilometres each day. Earth's atmosphere is comprised mostly of nitrogen (78.084%) and oxygen (20.946%) which makes it unlike most other planets in the solar system as it contains a stable and protective atmosphere capable of fostering the development of carbon-based life. Unfortunately, Earth is thus far the only known planet to contain any life at all. Among the species of Earth it is the race of Humanity that have taken the role as the dominant life form, inhabiting the entire planet.


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